Bangladesh Brand Forum, in association with Academy for Professional Qualifications, introduces in Bangladesh the 5th batch on the course “The Chartered Institute of Marketing”. The course will focus on the knowledge and understanding of the role and function of marketing within organizations and explore the factors that influence consumer behavior. Students will identify key components of the marketing environment and develop an appreciation of how to collect and use relevant information.


This course will cover all the roles and responsibilities of a senior-level marketing strategist. Participants will explore world’s largest and well established professional body for marketing courses with over 50,000 members and is dedicated to helping marketing professionals keep up with the latest trends and marketing best practice and build on their existing achievements to create a stronger, more proactive and cutting-edge profession ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Our courses will be targeted in 3 levels of CIM:


CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing – Level 4

This course is ideal for junior marketers where marketing is only part of what they do; or those in marketing support roles, who undertake marketing activities as part of their job.


CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing – Level 6  

This globally recognized CIM qualification is ideal if one is aspiring to and currently in operational, supervisory or management roles looking to build practical skills and broaden strategic perspective.


CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing (Level 6)

The Digital qualification in Professional Marketing (Level 6) has been developed following extensive global employer-led research including small businesses, international organizations and numerous marketers across a range of marketing and business functions. Digital qualification in Professional Marketing is a new qualification designed to offer progression from a number of digitally focused Level 4 qualifications available within the sector and also links with the existing Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing.


What CIM qualifications can give you-

  • Opportunity of international employability
  • Professional Recognition
  • Promotion at your current workplace
  • Networking opportunities
  • A pay raise
  • Access to top marketing resources
  • To excel at determining the appropriate return on investment measures
  • Be able to bridge the gap between theory and reality
  • To respond rapidly during crunch times/ Improves reaction time



CIM requires a prior eligibility evaluation, therefore please send your resume to the email address mentioned below. Our team will respond accordingly, informing if you are eligible for the course, or not.


Last date of Enrollment is February 27th, 2020 (Thursday)

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Email: [email protected]

Phone: +880 1732 040 379


*To know about the registration fee please call on the numbers above or check the course brochure



Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF)

CIM Study Center

Advanced Center, Level-3, 176 Gulshan Avenue,

Gulshan North, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

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