January 1, 2019

This is the detailed version of “Ways A Chatbot Can Get You More Clients” from our September issue where it was presented that technology like Facebook Messenger is allowing websites to talk back to their visitors after they have left. However, the websites now are starting to talk back more logically. As their contents are now dynamic, personalized and tailor made for their customers, they are representing the internet to interact intelligently with a massive opportunity.

As increasing sales with the minimal cost has been the most important fact for the businesses, running ads to reach out to the target audience and capturing them are equally important. And that is where conversational AI, chatbots, come in handy!


A chatbot is a 24/7/365 efficient salesman for your business with an upper hand on your visiting customers. You can save yourself hours of your time and make your customer query replying process a lot easier by letting your chatbot answer all the common questions from customers. A chatbot will sell your products better than any general landing or store pages. Why? Let’s compare 2 scenarios:

Scenario A – people will go to your website for the first time. They don’t know how to orient there, so they need to click on many pages there to get to what they want. Most of the customers quit shopping in-between, if their query is not resolved instantly.

Scenario B – people will start a conversation with a chatbot. A chatbot will tell them something about your products. It will ask some quick questions to find out exactly what people are looking for. And then it suggests those products, hence, resolving their query instantly that too in an interactive way.

Which scenario shall bring in more customers and ensure better sales? That’s right. The second one!

People don’t really want to call or send emails to your business. People want to chat with your business! And whoever is closest to the customer, WINS!

Whenever someone has a question, your chatbot will answer immediately.


Chatbots are able to draw information from the subscribers. A chatbot instigates a series of dependent questions to collect the necessary information to understand customer intent, and then deliver the right content to satisfy their needs.

By chatting to different and various customers, upon collecting data, chatbots process over those data and learn to chat and provide better deals to a customer. By learning about a customer behavior all over the customer journey, bots provide better the appropriate Contents of Value like guides, tutorials, videos to help the customer relate better with any relevant products in your store.

Bots can then help compare options. It drills down on what is important to the customer and helps guiding them to that solution which will seem the most appropriate to the customer.


People easily forget things. Especially if you don’t keep in touch with them. Bots help you in this case by regularly broadcasting them relevant news about your products or services with the messenger.

If you keep in touch with your customers and potential customers, they won’t forget about you and, hence, there’s a higher chance the customers will repeatedly visit your site/store as they will know by now what relevant products they can get from you.

Chatbot Marketing Vs Email Marketing

Every marketing is the go to strategy for most websites. Collecting emails is the way websites try to talk with your leads or customers, however, chatbot marketing has a number of big advantages over email.

Chatting with a bot should be like talking to a human that knows everything. They accomplish their task from start to finish, in the place where your customers already spend most of their time – messaging apps.

With access to both your customer’s background information and current instructions, the bots automate conversations that deliver personalised results on a scalable level which no mail does. Chatbots easily win over emails any day for the following two main factors:

Better Open Rates & Engagement –

Messaging is the principle way of interacting with customers through a direct stream of conversation. Because of its interactive and immediate response, Chatbots have far higher open rates than emails.

This shift in the way of delivering your business’s messages to your prospects or leads and more successfully getting them not only to open your messages, but also getting them to engage with the provided content, through chabtots, is not just a statement based on any assumptions or predictions. It’s the results that different businesses have got by adapting to this shift that have proven chatbots to be more effective than emails at this age.

Personalised Experience –

Chatbots take user experience further by incorporating their past personal information, location, device and your current need, to enhance user’s experiences. Data extracted from the conversation also supplements future interactions, by learning, through AI, what your customer’s habits are.

Unlike the self-serving marketing of the past, chatbots directly provide a service to the customer. With the help of messaging apps, chatbots help consumers find solutions no matter where they are or what device they use — no forms, cluttered inboxes, or wasted minutes spent searching and scrolling through content. Communication, service, and transactions intertwine altogether.

Comparison between 2 popular Chatbot building platforms (Chatfuel Vs ManyChat)

Two of the leading chatbots at the present age who have helped different business all over the world to grow and capture their target audience and potential leads. Below are the compared highlighted features, pros, cons, and the differences between Chatfuel & ManyChat – to help you pick the platform that works best for your business.

In case of the pricing of the chatbots, Chatfuel is free to create the bot! You get access to all features, but your bot will display the Chatfuel branding in the persistent menu.

In case of the pricing of the chatbots, Chatfuel is free to create the bot! You get access to all features, but your bot will display the Chatfuel branding in the persistent menu.

To remove this branding, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid Pro Plan, starting from $30/month which will also give you access to the Bot User List. Monthly price depends on the maximum number of reachable users in a given month.

On the other hand, ManyChat has a Free Basic Plan that comes with limited features and ManyChat branding in the bot’s menu and promotional tools. Under this free plan, Manychat only provides maximum 4 growth tools, you can’t add any further.

If upgraded to their Pro Plans -  one will get access to all features, unlimited tags, custom fields and no ManyChat branding in the menu. (The ManyChat logo will still appear in some promotional growth tools).


By not having a chatbot, you’re losing a huge amount of potential customers every single day due to lack of all the facilities that a bot can track and provide to them instantly, making your clients feel more worth it and satisfying and, therefore, converting visitors to leads, leads to new customers or even retaining the old ones.

Do you want a chatbot? Maybe. But does your business need a chatbot? Absolutely!

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