February 12, 2018


Nearly two centuries ago, a man named Laik Mohammad manufactured ivory combs and buttons in Dhaka and sold them in wholesale to businessmen in Calcutta. This man may not have known it in 1834, but his business that began with manufacturing units all across Dhaka marked the beginning of a legacy that would continue to thrive long beyond his time.

In 1914, the late Lakku Miah’s son, Rahim Buksh, was in charge of the business. He expanded his father’s business by becoming one of the pioneer Bengal business persons who traded cloth and fabrics. This business did well in the market, running side by side with the combs and buttons trade.


Anwar Hossain, Rahim Buksh’s youngest son, proved to be a man of business acumen paralleling that of his father and grandfather very early on. He took the responsibility of the family’s businesses when he was 14, and thenceforth quickly earned himself goodwill and an excellent market reputation. He leveraged this goodwill to build the very successful Anwar Cloth Store. He eventually established the country’s first silk mill under his own name, and added spinning, dyeing and printing over time as extensions to his textile business.

In 1962, he acquired Sunshine Cables & Rubber Works Ltd., the first electric cable and super enamel wire manufacturer and exporter of cabling and insulation in Bangladesh. He also established the first stainless steel cutlery manufacturing and the only GI Fitting Manufacturer in Bangladesh. He continued expanding the company under his name into steel manufacture, automobile, building materials, agro and polymer industries.


From a few ventures, Anwar Hossain created an empire in his name, Anwar Group of Industries Ltd. Withstanding the test of time, the company has been flourishing for 180 years now.
The company truly gained its momentum in the 1950’s, when Anwar Hossain took over. In naming his first cloth store, he laid the groundwork for a brand that would one day become a company that progressed in leaps and bounds until claiming its rightful place among the most successful in the country.

Today, Anwar Group of Industries Ltd. operates in eight sectors – textile, jute, building materials, furniture & home décor, automobile, real estate and finance.


A company’s responsibility is not restricted to simply revenue-generating activities. As part of the society and the environment, every business must recognize that it has the power to play a role of positive impact. Anwar Group is among the conglomerates that have truly understood this and tried reshaping their values accordingly.

Since 2004, the company has adopted practices that have put sustainability of the environment at the very top of its priority list. Currently, all of Anwar Group’s production facilities run with zero physical wastage and frequent recycling.

It goes without saying that with a diversified range of successful ventures; the conglomerate contributes significantly to the national exchequer as well as to the income of the country from domestic revenue and exports but Anwar Group goes the extra mile to remain environmentally responsible in its day-to-day operations.

Following is a gist of Anwar Group’s eight divisions through which it is serving the world with excellence.


The Group’s Chairman Anwar Hossain’s industrial journey began five decades ago with Anwar Silk Mills Limited. Set up with 50 units of Tsudokoma Shuttle weaving looms in 1966, Anwar Silk Mills Limited is now the proud parent company of the country’s textile Tzar, boasting a weaving unit comprising of state-of-the-art and latest generation Air jet, Rapier and Terry shuttle-less looms. Perhaps amongst the proudest products of the country, ‘Mala Saree’ (a traditional dress for women in Bangladesh) has been an ambassador of courage & success for the Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in the then Pakistan ruled Bangladesh. The Group, doing justice to the innovativeness & far sightedness that it is known for, soon diversified into the export market with high quality Bathrobes, Bed Sheets, Aprons, Table Linen, Napkin, Kitchen & Terry Towels to the European and US markets. The Group is amongst the largest exporters of household, institutional and retail items since 1994 in Bangladesh. The division is particularly proud to be amongst the top exporters of kitchen towels to the US in the entire subcontinent. It has also established its own place in the shelves of most retail chains in Europe with its top-notch household and Institutional terry products.

Hossain Dyeing & Printing Mills Ltd. is suitably equipped with most advanced and sophisticated machineries largely from Europe and Asia. To capitalize growth opportunities both in domestic and international market, Hossain Dyeing & Printing produces a wider range of quality products since its inception in 1984. This facility vertically integrates weaving, yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing, fabric printing and towel processing as well. The four key processes include: Woven fabric dyeing, Yarn dyeing, Fabrics printing and Towel Processing. Two other successful textile ventures of Anwar Group are – Anwar Yarn Dyeing Ltd. and Mehmud Industries (PVT.) Ltd.

Equipped with the most advanced technology, machine, and human resource available for R&D and production of Jute Yarn, Anwar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd. (Anwar Jute) is specially designed to meet the requirements of quality conscious customers and their increasing demand of production efficiency using high speed CRM, CRT, CRX, and CRP Looms by Van de Wiele and also for the Axminster Looms used mainly in the carpeting or floor covering industry. Decorative jute shopping bags, agro jute bags (Binola, B Twill, Hessian), nursery sheets & tapes, Hessian sheets, cut jute, and jute cotton are among the product list of Anwar Jute.
Established in 1997, Anwar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd. remains as a fully export oriented organization. Unique innovations at Anwar Jute have enabled them to process natural jute yarn into bleached, dyed, coated, water repellent, fire retardant, wrought resistant, and more diversifications. A distinctive multifaceted finishing process provides flexibility to buyers. Anwar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd. received IS0 9001:2001 certification in 2005.


Among all of Anwar Group’s ventures, Anwar Ispat in particular differentiates itself in innovation, resilience, and responsible practices. Even back in 1978, Anwar Ispat specialized in graded products and was the first business in Bangladesh to introduce 60 grade products. More than 40 years of steelmaking later, it retains its position as a leading re-rolling mill in Bangladesh. Ever since its entry, the Anwar Ispat has continuously upgraded itself to bring the world’s latest & most advanced technology to the Bangladeshi market. Committed to bringing the world’s best technologies to the country, the group boldly opted to introduce Europe’s pioneering technology from Belgium for its Quenching or TMT process. For Rolling, the group introduced worldwide acclaimed rolling technology under US-Patent No 4.629.165 & US-Patent No 4.790.164. Anwar Ispat is the only proud user of such patented technology in the local rolling industry.

The core products of this venture are 500W TMT bars and grade 60 MS bars. Anwar Group’s commitment to sustainable business practices has contributed to the mill’s resourceful approach to work. The mill is known for using global standards in production, and Anwar 500W has low carbon content meeting ISO BDS 6935-2:2006 requirements for weldable steel. Strict quality and environment control policies ensure that Anwar Ispat leads by example in its products and production.

Anwar Cement is produced using the most modern “Classifiers” with PLC driven closed circuit technology which ensures finesse and better particle size distribution that do other production methods. This translates to producing the highest quality product in terms of Compressive Strength and Setting Time.

Furthermore, the cement is produced in accordance to BDS (Bangladesh Standard) and ASTM (American Standard & Testing Method). Post-production, the product undergoes more scrutiny for consistency, and is finally approved and accredited by BSTI (Bangladesh Standard & Testing Institute) and BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology) before it is supplied to customers.

The quality difference, along with strength, consistent delivery, and automatic packing make Anwar Cement’s products world-class.

Anwar Group has become the pioneer in providing affordable and long lasting roofing solution for millions of low and middle income rural people of Bangladesh. The five layered ‘Anwar Cement Sheet’ prevents heat transmission and keeps the room relatively cool during summer and warm in winter. It is also rust free, heat resistant, fire proof and durable.

Anwar Cement Sheet Plant is one of the largest single line cement sheet manufacturing units of the world. Driven by German Technology, world class Anwar Cement Sheet is manufactured as per ISO-393: 1964 and BDS 1046: 1983 standard, and is approved by BSTI. Apart from houses, Anwar Cement Sheet is likely to bring revolutionary changes in poultry sector. Death from heat stroke is reduced by up to 90% and growth of birds is increased by up to 30%.

Anwar Group’s polymer brand “A1” is one of the predominant polymer product manufacturers in Bangladesh. It is the leading manufacturer of the uPVC Pipes & Fittings, Teflon Tape, ABS Bathroom Fittings, Magic Pipe, Toilet Tissue Holder and many more. A1 Polymer Ltd. is currently the largest manufacturer of uPVC pipes & fittings in Bangladesh. It is widely acknowledged for manufacturing and marketing the best grade products with no bio hazard, i.e. they are ozone friendly and recyclable. Modern scientific prudence has been applied to ensure that no fault occurs anywhere in the service. Each component is subjected to a multi-stage inspection, which ensures accuracy and durability of the fittings in all types of industrial, agricultural, domestic, and other piping installations. The factory is equipped with the most contemporary German Technology with inspection equipment and skilled workforces.

Anwar Galvanizing Limited is another part of the building materials division of the group consisting brake drum and GI fittings.


Anwar Group of Industries, already having a strong presence in the manufacturing of construction materials, launched Anwar Landmark Ltd. in 2001 as its real estate development wing. Anwar Landmark comprises of a highly experienced team of architects, engineers and management team who are working untiringly to bring about a much-needed revolution in Bangladesh’s real estate industry. Anwar Landmark Ltd. has been awarded with the ISO 9001:2000 certificate, the second real estate company in the country to obtain such a certificate.


Success of Anwar Landmark was really followed up by formation of Athena’s in 2004 with the intention to go beyond mass production into the world of creativity, aesthetic patterns and designs. Athena’s Furniture & Home décor is the house of authentic teak based furniture.

The brand has a clear focus on creating furniture of the utmost visual aesthetics and comfort. Athena’s offers the finest value in wooden furniture, with Segun being the primary constituent in all their products.


AG Automobiles Ltd. (AG Auto) was incorporated in August 2004 with a view to rejuvenating the country’s transport sector. AG Auto took up projects to create awareness of cleaner environment directly among the commercial vehicle owners. Long-term soft loan financing was bundled to vehicle owners to make the switch from diesel to environment friendly Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Commitment and performance led to getting attention from other world-renowned automobile brands seeking to enter and penetrate the automobile market of Bangladesh. Consequently, AG Auto received distributorship rights of Global Automobile Icon “Ford Motor Company”. AG Auto has constructed a state-of-the-art Sales and Service Centre by incorporating the Corporate Identity of Ford, and is committed to render the highest standards of customer satisfaction. AG Auto is also authorized representative of “Volvo Cars” and exclusive importer of “Peugeot”.


Private sector banking got introduced to Bangladesh holding the firm hands of the present chairman of Anwar Group Mr. Anwar Hossain as he was the founder director of The City Bank Limited that got established in 1983, and it’s one of the oldest private commercial banks in Bangladesh right now. It is a highly reputed bank among the top local banks that is well known for adopting global practices by doing away with the age-old traditional and decentralized banking practices and culture. Anwar Hossain was elected as chairman of the bank for four times.

Modhumoti Bank Limited, a fourth generation private commercial bank, commenced its banking operation on September 19 , 2013 focusing to be a responsible bank , aiming to be the part of the largest SME financing Bank in the world by 2030, which is not limited just to a stable financial institution with quality products, but also becoming an integral part of the community, help others to go ahead for positive changes and improve the life of people around by providing stakeholders the highest level of stability, reliability , honesty and quality of services, which is reflected in our tagline as ‘ Your Access to Success’!

Bangladesh Finance And Investment Company Limited (BD Finance) started its journey in 1999 with the prime objective of developing productive enterprises of the country through the provision of lease financing and subsequently diversified in other allied financial services. The shareholding structure of BD Finance consists of reputed corporate houses, leading industrialists & general public. Over a decade, BD Finance emerged as a leading financial Institution of the country with a wide range of financial products to offer to its clients. BD Finance continues to evolve as an innovative financial solution provider & now able to offer financial products tailored to the needs of its customers. BD Finance looks forward to greater participation for economic development of Bangladesh introducing all financial products under one roof to meet the customer’s economic needs.

Subsidiaries of BD Finance are – BD Capital and BD Securities.

The City General Insurance Company Limited is one of the leading private insurance companies engaged in general insurance since 1996. The Company has been incorporated as a Private limited Company under the Company’s Act-1994 and obtained its certificate of commencement from the Controller of Insurance, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


Some ventures of the conglomerate such as Anwar Landmark are looking into expansion, while others are focusing on different strategies to excel. Over nearly two centuries, the leadership has changed and learning has been passed down through generations. But the one overarching vision that remains at the very heart of Anwar Group is to touch every Bangladeshi’s life in some meaningful way, through integrity, innovation and deliverance.

By 2020, the conglomerate hopes to provide at least 20,000 people employment, and to touch the life of every Bangladeshi through its products and services. The vision may appear daunting. But, who better to undertake such challenges than a company that has retained a heritage of a hundred and eighty three years to become a brand synonymous to success?

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