June 11, 2019

Kamrunnahar Suzee

Rayer Bazar

I brought my very first child into this world during my Masters course. By the time I was completely done with my education, it was time for him to begin his school life. I had never even considered the prospect of a job application because that meant my time and attention regarding my child had to be sacrificed. I wasn’t willing to do that to my topmost priority. Good fortune was always at my side in disguise of my family who stood by every decision I took. Throughout my life, I came across numerous working people who have showed the utmost appreciation of what I do. According to them, choosing to pledge all I could to offer my family was the greatest decision on my part and one which should be implemented by others as well. In my family, I manage everything, initiating from household work to my children. This power has been granted to me by my family. Having this authority was the biggest power I could have. In this day and age, I don’t think I have been left behind in anyway. Whether it’s technology, fashion or anything else to do with the current generation, my curiosity always keeps me acquainted with the recent occurrences. Wherever I go, I rarely come across situations where I think a woman with a job could have handled the situation better. I don’t think I am inferior from those who work and look after their families simultaneously. I feel empowered during the four walls of my house regardless.

Rokeya Karim


Our society has this bizarre way of prioritizing the views and stance of a working woman in comparison to a housewife regardless of her qualifications. In today’s era, I think working woman go through as much hassle as a housewife. The only difference that keeps them apart is the externality of it. From spending time with your children to maintaining the household chores, a housewife has many factors on her plate to cater to. On the other hand, from maintaining a career to balancing between personal and professional life a working women has to tackle many issues by herself. If I am asked whether the female race progression is slanting towards working woman, I would say yes it is. However, it is not a negative thing. The female gender has always been oppressed. We are in the phase of breaking through. The platform is better off with working woman at the moment because that area needs more focus. Us, housewives have been in the picture for the longest of time now. If our family recognizes the sacrifice we made for a greater future, I think we have accomplished as housewives.

Suraiya Karim


The choice to be a housewife requires a massive amount of self-sacrifice that is what makes housewives to be respect worthy. Being a housewife was a personal choice. There is a new kind of empowerment if you are the one bearing and sustaining the strings that keep your family safe and sound. There is a new thrill to devote yourself for the betterment of your family member and that in turn adds to your own self growth. I personally do not think there is a fixed boundary separating housewives and working woman. I see a humongous amount of housewives who work from home. The work is minimum such as teaching, sowing, designing etc, however it is still countable. If you are capable and willing, you single-handedly can empower yourself regardless of your career stature. I do not believe housewives are few steps back from the enhancement of women in the society.  I believe, true sign of progress lies within oneself. Your passion should define your peace and your dedication will dignify your sacrifices.

Salma Akhter Popy


My family consisted of my conservative father and my mother who was always busy managing the house alongside me. Even though they were extremely protective towards me, I was the most adored. Even though I was quite good in education, the idea of having a job, earning my own money, finally getting a glimpse of the hectic world never really crossed my mind. I was transformed into a married woman even before the results from my DU economics exam came out. However, I don’t think I have been unemployed my whole life. Through teaching my kids and taking complete responsibility of their education, I have been a teacher. Through nurturing my family back to good health during rough times, I have been a doctor. However all if this isn’t much of a consolation when I compare all my sacrifices to the achievements and earnings of the working women. Whenever I witness people express their astonishment on my decision to stay a housewife, given all that i could have achieved otherwise, I am hardly bothered by it at all. So in a sense, I guess we have been falling behind, from society’s perspective, at least. However, with the hopes of your generation shedding to light to our sacrifices I keep going forward nonetheless.

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