Nine Lines to Shine As a Speaker

Nine Lines to Shine As a Speaker

April 20, 2016

Listening and learning from a speaker or someone who is giving speech has never been a desired task for the audience – well, in most cases. It sounds stereotypical, may be, but the culture of listening to speaker has been a poor one in this sub-continental societies. However, the listeners are not the only responsible part of this play; the speakers, themselves need to be capable of making the audience feel connected. This write-up portrays few suggestions on public speaking and they are from a speaker who has caught the attention of the nation and the world as well, in this last couple of years.

Mashahed Hasan Simanta, the 22 years old university student has given more than 2000+ speeches in different debates, public speaking, business competition, lectures & training activities. He has got few suggestions for the ones who aspire to be good speakers. He says, “If you want to punish someone, then force him/her to listen a messy, long and boring speech. Some people have a great fear to speak in public; some doesn’t want to stop before it’s a decade.” Here are 3 advices to gain confidence to be a speaker and 6 guidelines to be a memorable speaker from this young energetic speaker.

Three Advises
Why should you be scared to speak?

We become scared in the stage for two reasons –

  1. We think, “Maybe I am making something wrong”
  2. “And every single audience are noticing those faults and thinking, what a pathetic speaker I am.”

Look, people are not perfect, so it is natural to commit mistakes in the stage. Again audience are not Sherlock Holmes, that they could identify every single fault of your speech. Even if a person have some grammatical inaccuracy or other problem regarding structure, speech may look amazing if we are confident.IMG_2

Consider audience as your friend

When you hang-out with your friend are you scared to speak? No!
If you are not scared to speak and even shout with your friends, then
why should you be scared to speak with your audience?

Just remember, there are two pre-requisites of becoming a public speaker

  • You have to be a public
  • You should have vocal-cord =D

Be clear about your message

Every speech should have a message. You need to ask this question to yourself, “What are the core lines I want my audience to believe”. After fixing the message try to package it with your example, explanation & experiences. If you have multiple messages to send your audience, then make a serial of them.

Six bullets to shoot your audience

Give audience something to think about!

Then give them an unexpected answer.

I don’t allow my girl-friend to touch my i-phone for two reasons. Firstly, I don’t have a girl-friend; secondly, I don’t have an i-phone.

1+98+1 = 100

If you plan to tell 100 lines in your speech, then Ensure that your 1st line is enough to win the audience. You need to assume that, “None would remain in the hall after my 1st line.” Make sure, your 1 Line makes you memorable for one Life. After hearing your last line, people would decide, “Whether to keep your words in short term memory or in long term?” So, give special care to your First and Last line.

Tell a story & make a point

People may forget the point, but they can’t forget the story. Story will preserve the points. (Craig

What I will require to create a theme?

Solve this Equation: (Nothing – No) + King = THINKING!

Make your audience – crying or laughing or deep thinking

Play with the minds of Audiences

In many romantic movies, heroine accuses his boyfriend by saying that, “You have played with my Mind & Emotions, and I am leaving you, BREAK UP!” If anyone tells you the same line, that means you have the significant symptom of becoming a great speaker!

How to play with them? Introduce a confusion & have a confusion ending conclusion. And ensure that people can’t predict the end line, but at the end can relate the entire.

Now the question, why should we care about public speaking. A common fallacy among us is those who speaks smartly, with a good voice and proper eye contact, are an overall good person. If we want to make Relation or Promotion it is needed. So why don’t we learn it. You may think, it is really tough. I can answer you from the perspective of an Economic event and principle. You can buy a product when you have both the “Willingness” and “Capability”. Same for public speaking. You will need the “Willingness (to think)” and the “Capability (the ability to speak, having proper vocal cord!)” to be a better public speaker.


12028685_768475193281837_3575661858572346586_oMashahed Hassan (Simanta)

The Youngest Professional Trainer & Speaker of Bangladesh who trained & Motivated 6000+ BCS officers, corporate employees, university faculties, students in home & abroad. He has won 100+ national and international competition like debating, public speaking, business competition, MUN, policy making competition and judged 16 international competition in 5 countries. Currently he is in his 3rd Year of graduation at the Institute of Business Administration – Jahangirnagar University.

Send your feedback to him at: 

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  1. Armanul Haque
    #1 Armanul Haque 20 April, 2016, 17:39

    It gives me inspiration to stand before crowd. It’s enough to realize at least how to say formally in front of audiences, be good speaker is obvious. Thanks to BBF and Simanta vhhai. 🙂

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  2. Mashraf
    #2 Mashraf 20 April, 2016, 19:02

    This was a well written article.

    I really liked the way the writer pointed out in the very beginning how it’s not only about the audience who listens to the speech, rather it’s about the speaker and he is the one responsible to hold on to the attention of everyone while he speaks.

    Clarity is also a must for the speaker since many a time, the listeners get confused as to what the underlying message of the speaker is.

    Another point that caught my attention was how people always remember the stories days after the speech and not the overall content/points.

    The writer also gives a great advice on how to end with a conclusion which none could predict; the unpredictable nature keeps everyone occupied and their attention doesn’t drift away

    Overall this was a well researched article withthe exexperience of the speaker being reflected in the ideas provided!

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    • Simanta
      Simanta 20 April, 2016, 22:32

      Mashraf, thanks a lot for your wonderful words and the time you put forward for this writing.

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  3. Tania
    #3 Tania 20 April, 2016, 21:32

    I got so much inspiration from the article bcoz I really feel uncomfortable at the time of presentation before the audience. Simanta has written really intelegently how to overcome the problems which I have faced in presentation & each of the point really inspired me to be a good speaker infront of a big crowd. Simanta, u r a big inspiration for all the youth generation i hope in future we will get more inspiring article from u

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  4. Nasir
    #4 Nasir 20 April, 2016, 22:45

    Really a great article by #simanta vhaiya.
    among 6 bullet tips,no-5 & 2 were best!
    and I personally like the word-“audience aren’t #sharlok holmes….
    thanks simantasimanta vhai for giving such a great article & also thank to brand forum.

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  5. Niaz
    #5 Niaz 20 April, 2016, 22:56

    “You have to express yourself to impress others”, was the most inspiring quote I can remember heard from Simanta.

    He has lot of “Extra” quality that has made him Extraordinary from the ordinary. For Example, he has a powerful voice that can create and impact on others’ mind.

    He is very confident and brave young guy. He will be successful with or without my pray just because of his quality.

    So, man, never stop good work. Good will happen to you Automatically and Always. Thanks

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    #6 MOON MOON 20 April, 2016, 23:13

    Fantastic arrangement of advices & got to learn more from our Simanta vaiya. Motivation, dedication, inspiration & support all that we get from you is priceless. Thank you for giving such an opportunity to kearn from you. Hail Simanto vai!!! 😀

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    • Oni
      Oni 21 April, 2016, 19:24

      Awesome artical with lots of admittable contents…as i m also uncomfortable in public speaking this will help me in d long run…truly an ideal artical for anyone…hope in future we will get more this type lesson…thank u…

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  7. Oni
    #7 Oni 21 April, 2016, 17:00

    Every line is informative of this artical…as i feel uncomfortable in public speaking, it will help me in the long run…truely an ideal guideline…hope we can get more this type of artical..

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  8. Tamzid
    #8 Tamzid 21 April, 2016, 21:26

    😀 😀 😀 😀

    Great Guide lines 😀 😀

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  9. Hemel
    #9 Hemel 21 April, 2016, 21:33

    Dear Simanta Vai,
    So far I think I am a very little person to comment on your article on this very prestigious topic. But still I want to say something that i truly feel In a nut shell. It’s just splendid. I personally am so much motivated by your words and so are people. It’s my wish that you be the most memorable speaker of all time & my request that you publish this sort of article in almost all the topic that you find necessary. By this the nation will be benefited bro…. 🙂

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  10. Stech
    #10 Stech 22 April, 2016, 11:01

    I have had the Pleasure of meeting Mashahed during a debate tournament in Beijing with both of our mentors The late Dr. Alfred “Tuna” Snyder.

    I found Mashahed to be the most eloquent of speakers, with a flair not often seen, and a disarming humor that makes you want to smile.

    On top of that, this kid can dress better than you have ever seen before. I need his tailor on speed dial.

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  11. Mahmud Hassan
    #11 Mahmud Hassan 22 April, 2016, 19:53

    I was simultaneously amused and confused while reading the article ‘”9 Lines to Shine as a Speaker”. Actually it is not in 9 lines but full of information, it could be more organized if the writer arranged the points by numbering them. As there is no end point of Development, Goodness and Knowledge, I advise the young trainer to be more organized in his next write up. Good Luck!

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  12. Crystal
    #12 Crystal 22 April, 2016, 23:07

    I met Mashahed in BWDA last summer holiday, and was impressed by his ability and thoughts since then. As for this well-structured article, it’s not long but clear in delivering messages. Good job you’ve did and keep going:)

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  13. Mostafa Kamal
    #13 Mostafa Kamal 24 April, 2016, 21:04

    The appreciation belongs to Mr. Simanta: I felt an urge and compelled to write from my heart a special appreciation & heartiest facilitation for the dream in your heart. You are the person in the world who has born to change the world. I also like the dream. Tonight I shall be writing not only to change the world with youth voice but also to inspire the youth, the society, the nation and create a wave that will pierce all the negativity in the world. Wish you the best.

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  14. Mahrufur
    #14 Mahrufur 30 April, 2016, 19:48

    Dear shimanto,

    Heartiest congratulations for your continuous effort. It would be more benifitted for our young generation if all of your speeches video uploaded in YouTube. Carry on.

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