September 30, 2019

When it comes to creative communication, this is simply connecting the dots in a creative manner that lies in the process of communication. For creative communication, it is very important to think out of the box. In Bangladesh, we have come a long way in creative industry. But each and every time, we have the tendency of dealing with products only; rather than the products’ emotional notion.

“Creative process is a journey, not a destination”, said Prolific Artist Nazia Andaleeb Preema who is the Director and Creative Editor of Bangladesh Brand Forum. “Who else break or make something rather than an artist? Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali – these all great names dealt with creativity that actually is being represented even today through their artistic expression, interrogation & intervention!”

Today’s creative industry has to establish their own language and go through the process of breaking, creating and entering in the new idea to communicate. Bangladesh Brand Forum is always looking into the opportunity to combine and make a bridge between the industry. Creative industry has to immerse with artistic expression in order to incorporate the aesthetic elements to their communication and vice versa. So, in the 9th edition of Communication Summit held by Bangladesh Brand Forum, a unique representation of performing a live art by the truly gifted artist Nazia Andaleeb Preema took place.

Nazia Andaleeb Preema has been the influencer bridging through her art in branding, communication and creativity. The workshop ‘Urgency to Immerse’ was an unique opportunity for creative minds to understand their own mind, body and their connectivity. The aim of the workshop was to enhance and showcase the power of mind, body and soul – the most integral parts of creative communication. The exercise was not for one day; rather it was meant to be practiced throughout a life journey of a creative mind and personality.

The creative communication industry has to deal with creativity for achieving certain purpose; they work with client and have to bring out certain outcomes; and above all, dealing with numbers, it’s not easy to become as fluid as art. Having said that, thriving for fluidity is the core journey. Research for the creative industry is a must so that it can be able to cater the clients as well. Because clients actually learn from the industry. How we tap the clients’ mind is also a creative process.  Through breathing control and body gesture,  interconnecting the elements of performance with the unknown possibility is important. The participants came to know about the elements of a performance – Confidence, Awareness, Exploration, Focus, Collaboration and New Image Creation – through a vital research of their body and existence for a creative journey.

The aim of the workshop at this year’s Communication Summit was to explore the new territory of mind by unleashing new idea through generating body gesture and connecting space through creating new movements – that will give the mind a total outlook of new possibility.

“Creativity is a meditative process”, and “Communication is all about connecting the dots”. And when the interconnection happens, a new language for communication is created.

In the summit, the collaborators of the performance were – Ashim Halder Sagor, Artist/Founder, Artpro Art Initiative; Arpita Singha Lopa, Visual/Performance Artist; Sanjid Mahmud, Visual Artist, DAAGI ART Garage, and Sharker Nasrin Tuntun, Visual Artist & Performer. They all tried to give a perspective of the live art which is a new art format of revolutionary art practice in Bangladesh. The collaborative performance that has been showcased at the summit was a radical introduction to give an idea to incorporate fresh thinking to communication industry. Because the power of new works generates curiosity among businesses and clients. Thus, it’s very important what products we are giving to the industry. Moreover, we should try to push the boundary enough to offer the industry newer products – as ‘Creativity’ itself is an experiment!

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