February 6, 2019

By Farhat Chowdhury Zishan

Technology has been the biggest change in the lifestyle of people all around the world over the last few decades and where these products stand now at the moment, is worthy of beating almost all #year challenges. The products are made with two things in mind, customer satisfaction, and convenience. Great products are those which intersect at the perfect equilibrium of the two, and even more so if all the producers of these extreme goods come under one roof and show off the very best and finest of the tech world. CES is all about consumer experience and this year, CES 2019 did not disappoint – reaching the consumers’ expectations as well as some of the trendiest technologies on sight!

The formerly known International Consumer Electronics, now, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is one of the biggest technology fests that take place with so many renowned brands and companies coming under one roof to display their very best. Since 1967, CES continued to be the platform where several game-changing technologies and products were brought in front of the consumer’s eyes for the very first time, e.g. the Videocassette Recorder (VCR) was introduced in 1970s CES or the Satellite Radio in 2000. This is the platform where companies from all across the globe showcase their innovations and breakthrough technologies in front of the consumers. With more than 3900 exhibiting companies, a conference program with more than 300 sessions and more than 170,000 attendees from 150 countries, this year’s CES have surely been a massive gathering of innovations, ideas, and state of the art technology products.

This year at CES 2019 there were 42 (Forty-two) featured speakers among other special seminars, and just like every year there was a huge array of awards being distributed to startups and big brands, while there were no evolutionary showcases that made its entrance in the CES 2019, there were hundreds of awards distributed for the best in the field as well as some worthy mentions.


Among the thousands of companies, services and brands that have their spotlight in the SEC every year, these are the categories that gives a brief idea about what was showcased, awarded and demonstrated in the CES 2019, Las Vegas.


CES 2019 wasn’t blown out of a science fiction book with super high tech never imagined before products but instead had the charm of things that are most likely to affect us in the future as regulars in our life. Here is a brief of the various products that seemingly left an impact in the hearts of ordinary people.


This year, televisions got a makeover like never before and were the biggest hits in the show. The producers sent the memo, loud and clear, that the old can be pushed out of the box and into very new horizons.

Samsung. One of the firsts that stood out the most is “The Wall” by Samsung which is a 219 (two hundred and nineteen) inch Micro LED TV. This can be easily mistaken for an OLED however unlike an OLED this uses only RGB LED Pixels ensuring the riches black and the brightest colors. This concussion comes in multiple shapes and sizes breaking the norm that TVs need to be rectangular in shape.

LG. The next one is a TV Burrito, yes! It can literally be rolled up like one featured by LG. It is the signature piece OLED TV R, and as you can guess the R stands for the rolls you get out of it. It is portable as one can imagine and it gets in and out of the box as easily as watching one episode of your favorite series and then wrapping it back down.

High Definition (HD) and quality sharp images were the buzzword of this year as big brands like Samsung, Sony, LG and others have created the perfect sets for you.


We have been introduced well enough with 3G and 4G and a few fake 5G phones. However, this year, every single booth has one word in bold and bright colors. Yes, 5G. While we have been wondering if something will actually turn up, it seems that all the tech enthusiasts and finally take a sigh of relief because we will definitely be seeing 5G in 2019 and where else to showcase this fantastic project than the CES.

Other than 5G, the mobile industry also had some neat tricks in store to wow their customers; some companies are releasing foldable smart phones, with Samsung being one of the top brands and they will be in store and available to be bought this year!


Companies have prior commitments they deliver to consumers in every CES, and CES 2019 was no different with heaps of announcements about the new processors and graphics cards for laptops and for game fanatics.

Nvidia. As one of the top GPU companies in the world, they delivered showcasing the most powerful GPU ever delivered to consumers RTX 20-series. They paired this series up with 40 (forty) laptop brands including Razor, ROG, Predator and Omen. Gamers all over the world thanking gaming gods because this will be the fastest and the highest resolution ever left for the public to own for themselves.

Alongside laptops, virtual reality made it to the top lists bringing the whole VR concept a bit closer to its original goal. As a half-baked industry, it definitely lefts its mark and here is the top three picks:

Oculus Quest. This is more promising than ever, it a stronger version of all VRs ever released before and doesn’t require a high-tech gaming computer to work, opening the level of experience to all users which was only available to high gaming enthusiasts before.

HTC. Another bomb that was dropped by HTC this year was the HTC Vive Pro Eyes, and the key lies in the word “eyes”. The main feature that sets it apart from other VRs is ‘Tobii eye-tracker’. This piece of technology allows you to have in-game experience with the way you move your eyes. Just thinking about action games and this VR combined is sure to set goosebumps all over

Pico. Pico 4K G is also one of the brands committing alongside their amazing products is merging 4K resolution in virtual reality. If these were the hot sauce of the gaming events, we can surely look forward to whatever is coming next in the industry with eager eyes.


A house filled with smart home devices is the epitome of luxury, and CES took it exactly where it matters the most, the toilets. Some very interesting features were added and the fancy bidets in Japan will no longer feel fancy if these hit the market. The smart toilets were filled with little features like voice assistance, internet connections, automatic relief and many littler tricks ‘flushing’ through.

Google. Automatic response and intelligence was talking for Google in the CES, highlighting updates of all the AI google has starting from assistant on smartphones, google maps and even checking onto flights automatically, which left the audience in awe as well as a promising future.

Amazon. Alexa was on fire on CES 2019, with over millions of Echo and Dot making the market consumers happy during December holidays, it was time for the company to showcase all the new features and services that Alexa is compatible with, upping your Christmas gift three to four times more than you have ever expected.


Technology is made to make it more convenient for its users in every aspect but technology and health has been something that is always a bit of a risk as no technology is full proof for the changes that occurs in a human body. However small advancements were made and surely it makes life just that bit easier for the people using them.

Test card. This low-key testing car that will just be $4 (four dollars) a set is the highway of testing pregnancy, UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) where tests can be made on the strip and the results will be delivered onto your phone just like that. Not only the test results, the contents will be on display just in case you want to visit your doctor and instead of taking a physical exam again and waiting the tie, this will help on immediate circumstances.

Quell. Updated versions of the Quell, a device attached to your leg that can help ease pain, especially if you are a chronic sufferer. The apps are now more customizable on how you want your pain to be relieved also takes into account previous histories to manage your pain more efficiently. Other therapy options have been promised to come out this year.


While all cars and vehicle related announcements has been made by automakers, this year CEs held a special game-changing startups in the world of automation. This only goes to show how every industry is broadening its horizons and while self-driving robot cars are far away, they might not seem impossible now.

Audi. Harnessing the power of VR has made a real life situation game so that the drive to your office is now no longer boring and dull with the same views every day. Instead this high-tech VR will allow you to locate pedestrians as chickens and the colorful scenario at the back. While this real life to virtual reality collision has had its frowns and smiles all over, it will be interesting to see how things progress.

Qualcomm. Communication has always been important to Qualcomm and by taking it up a notch 9150 chipset by them should bring that little extra feature to cars that may save lives. This is by an automated system that the car whilst being driven by the driver will also be driven by an AI at the back and these robot aids will help contingency in case of emergencies. So there you have it, the best of self-driving cars is almost here.


  • 5G Networks – the next generation of mobile internet connectivity which will offer offering faster speeds than ever before and reliable and multiple connections on smartphones and other devices.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – Connected devices and anything else that can be assigned an IP address and linked to the internet, or each other, enabling to generate, share and exchange data.
  • Future motion – it is a one wheel self-balancing electric skate board which is for recreational purposes.
  • OLED – An organic LED which emits electroluminescent in response to an electric current which is much lighter and richer in color than normal LED.
  • Nano spinning technology – The most advanced and breathable water proof outwear material called Futurelight by The North Face.
  • Tobi Eye tracker – A eye movement detecting feature used by HTC in VR headsets to give a more realistic view of how the scenes change if the person was actually in the game.

And this is almost everything that CES had in store this year – with leading brands coming in and showcasing their newest products and the newcomers showing off their disruptive innovations; ready to take over the whole world. This massive tech congregation every 12 months makes you really know that the world is revolving so fast and latest techs and gadgets are coming daily in the market all for the sake of one purpose, making life easier. Surely the innovations and technology that is evolving is the reasons why consumers enjoy this grand show while being very aware of the various prospects of the coming years. 


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