May 29, 2019

“A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men “  – Gloria Steinem

How far has this concept traveled? Feminism is yet a sensitive word that is stuttered and hesitated upon, whilst men either laugh or discard the word as if it holds minimal importance. Despite the recognition for feminism as an essential, the concept has progressed aggressively which now dictates a tug of war between the male and female instead.

Below, 6 university students have expressed the causes and reasons for feminism to deprive from its original meaning.


Kazi Nayeer Sobhan

BRAC University

Feminism is something that I have seen most people have a misconception of. Even though feminism stands for equality between men and women, unfortunately there are many people who believe that it means that only women will get all sort of privileges, barring men from their own rights. This misconception is not just a poorly projected concept- it is a required stance that has been waiting to be spoken of nonetheless. However, it has somehow turned a certain section of people against the idea of feminism. The idea of equality is somehow manipulated into (in some cases) a misogynistic thought. In addition, even some women are unaware of the true meaning of feminism and their fair share of rights and responsibilities in the society.



S M Tahsinur Rahman

North South University

Feminism is a term which has deviated from its original meaning due to its mid presentation. The part that upsets me the most is the ones who fight for the true cause of feminism are in the shadow. There are some people out there claiming themselves as “feminists “whereas they are hardly acquainted with the whole ideology of it. Their only agenda is to be proven as the superior gender and in doing so they misrepresent feminism in such a way that the listeners are thrown a very blurry notion which can be pretty confusing. As a guy, I honestly do support feminism because I do believe in equality. On the contrary, I do believe some light needs to be shed on what true feminism actually stands for.


Riddhiman Bhakta Sangeet

East West University

I believe in equality. I understand the need to be fair to both the gender and I am aware of the aspects on how both the genders differ on. The female gender has been oppressed to the point it is a norm in some countries now. Excluding the urgency of feminism to be recognized, I think it is being preached on the basis of a competitive nature and not for justice. Feminism is now about seeking a higher ground. If one is to propagate a new concept, it is better to slowly infuse the idea instead of an aggressive approach.




Mantaka Anis Rafa

Dhaka University

Feminism is one of the most misrepresented topics of the current society. The term feminism means supporting women emancipation and fighting for women rights. But lack of knowledge twisted it to the point where people have shifted away from the actual movement. For example, Men think feminism is all about women wanting to take control over everything and discrediting men. Some women shame men and fight for women superiority in the name of feminism. These misrepresentations made the feminism term so negative that general people think twice before using this term. Feminism made us women independent, opened our doors, and helped us breaking chains. I would not be here sharing my thoughts if feminism did not exist. Ignorance and incomprehensive people are the main reasons behind the misrepresentation of feminism.


Farhana Akhter

Independent University, Bangladesh

When you come out as a feminist or you tell the world you are a feminist, it seems like you have committed a crime or just started a civil war. To most of the people it is either you joined the “I hate the men” club or “you are just wanting more rights for women”. Men think you are doing it to solely prove them wrong. Few women have a bizarre explanation where they say -“Women should be happy in anything they are getting, wanting more can get women in trouble”. As per as definition feminism means justice for women and equity in sexes. Where there is no difference between the two genders. However, people who don’t understand feminism come across “feminists” who actually can’t stand men and who hate the idea of another women being a housewife. They are misrepresenting and misusing the whole idea of a feminist. Feminism is about women rights where you can be a housewife, a stay home mom, and a working lady and can still proclaim yourself as a feminist. You can still have your own voice.


Sumaiya Pehnaz Upama

North South University

We do not hate men. Feminism is not a taboo. I am a feminist, but that doesn’t that I am a militant, unshaven, combat boot-wearing thug who belittle the male gender. I am focusing on what is not feminism because the existing views of feminists as the enemy (of men) is becoming so prolific that many women (and men) refuse to identify feminism as a true requirement, because of the stigma attached to the word. In fact, it simply means that I want to stand alongside the male gender as equals, to possess the same opportunities and to be valued just as much as they are. I don’t require them to be a caricature of masculinity when they don’t want to be.Your gender doesn’t dictate whether you can be a feminist or not. It’s purely about gender equality, after all.


Interviewed by:

Atoshie Rahman, BRAC University.

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