Want To Become A Digital Marketer Yourself? Here Are 5 Most Sought After Specializations

Want To Become A Digital Marketer Yourself? Here Are 5 Most Sought After Specializations

July 11, 2017

There can be a plethora of reasons why you wish you were a digital marketer.

Maybe you’re the startup-entrepreneur lacking budget to hire experts, maybe you so live and breathe in virtual world that it’d better be your bread and butter.

Or for real, you’re the Brand Manager who doesn’t want agencies giving you a tour of High Court (Bangla Metaphors Rock!)

But wishes are just wishes, fairies don’t grant them in the real world that you and I live in.

If you’re all charged up but not sure where to begin, let me give you my two cents.

The digital marketers’ market is already crowded with self-proclaimed generalists who have trouble spinning the wheel. So, you’ll need the best way to get yourself started if you are interested in going down that road. There are many different career tracks that might be able to help you get where you need to go, for instance, you may want to search for a company similar to Springboard or any other marketing career advisor who might be able to support you on your way to becoming a digital marketer.

The industry now wants specialists from following 5 cadres.


In the information economy, content is the information currency. It’s powerful because it is both valuable and free.

Sounds gibberish?

Content is information that educates, entertains, and empowers the audience. Thank Toni Robins for the definition, not me!

Content can take many forms; articles, e-books, landing pages, infographics, videos.

To become a content creator, you’ll need to master one or more of the following skills

  • Copywriting
  • Visualization
  • Video Editing & Animation

Free Resources To Get Started:


I don’t have to tell you how people find information (content). SEO Geeks are nice bunch of guys who help your website rank higher in content search.


Let me give you a heads up before the deep dive.

  • You don’t need SEO if website isn’t part of your strategy (weird!)
  • You can’t do SEO for Bangla Content

Now let’s get to business. SEO for beginner

Means aligning your website content (words) to match what words people use when searching for a specific information.

What is…

How to…

Where are…

You don’t need to match word by word to rank higher. Because Google is smarter than you think, and content headline isn’t the only thing that matters.

Free Resources To Get Started:


The beauty of digital marketing is that you can quantify almost anything. But copywriters and visualizers are not too comfortable with numbers.

Besides, it doesn’t make sense to ask the same person to evaluate the result of their work.

That gave rise to analysts. They come handy in slicing and dicing through data to identify trends, behaviors, and many more.

Free Resources To Get Started:


Coined as Facebook Page Management, it is about creating and maintaining the social media presence, interacting with people, building relationships.

In near future, this category of specialists will also be hired to manage Facebook groups, influencer outreach, and various community building activates.

Free Resources To Get Started:

There are ton of blogs that talk about this field, the most influential ones are Social Media Examiner, Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith, Kim Garst, Top Dog Social (For LinkedIn)


Media Buying is more intuitive and budgetary when it comes to traditional media. But in Digital, there’s much more to do.

A digital media planner can choose when to pay for an ad (per click or per view), refine target based on demography, behavior, and actions, and much more.

Although AI (Programmatic Media Buying) is used in the West by big spenders, you bet it will take a long time to get implemented in Bangladesh. And AI will not make Media Planners obsolete.

Free Resources To Get Started:


Have you been pursuing digital marketing education already? Take this discussion to Bangladesh Brand Forum’s Facebook page and tell us what challenges you’re facing.

Chances are, you’re all too confused as to what to focus on. If you’re talking to any specialist for advice, make sure you talk to more than one specialist from each field. That way you’ll develop a clearer idea of what you want and what you can.

And now, the reason why I didn’t talk about generalist/strategist role. That’s because nobody can become a generalist/strategist without having good command in one or more fields, and having fair understanding of others.

Unless you want to become another self-proclaimed all-rounder, master specialist skills first.

– Atiqul Bari Chowdhury

Founder, Little Biz Marketing

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