Work from home is something that was probably just a concept a few years ago. The appeal of desk jobs has certainly gone down, as the opportunities of working remotely have increased. And now is the time people will adapt to work from home more and function accordingly. Despite having the concept of work from home in practice, the question remains, does it work?


Let go of Laziness

One of the biggest challenges of working remotely, especially from home is to stay productive. Life may seem to have slowed down because we don’t have the rush to finish work and go home. Due to that we sometimes do not restrict ourselves from activities at home that we would do in our offices. For instance, working in pajamas or regular clothes may seem a harmless choice, but it has a direct connection with our productivity. It may be absurd to work from home wearing a suit, but we at least should put some effort into cleaning up, wear some comfortable clothes, find a corner possibly away from our bed or couch, and then start our day the way we would do at work. Also, before starting to work, spend some extra minutes to schedule tasks for the day to avoid procrastination.


Stay Connected

Due to the lack of human interaction all day, it is natural to feel isolated and disconnected. If you work in a team, start or end the day with a team meeting with updates of the day. People who work independently can try being accountable to someone, not necessarily someone from work but at home, to a friend or family member.


Upgrade yourself

While there are several advantages and disadvantages of working from home, it allows us with an ample amount of time in our hands, because we are not commuting to work or going out for meetings. Also, if we can create a suitable corner for work in our own space, there will be fewer distractions and if we manage our time well, we may get free from work early. While our time is being saved, working from home can be turned into an opportunity to develop skills, revive past hobbies, or pick up a new habit.


Practice Empathy

Because we are not working around our teams or colleagues, at times we may find ourselves micromanaging things. Maybe you are expecting an email or an assignment from your team. Instead of interrogation or asking “Why haven’t you replied?”, ask your co-workers about their day. Find out if they are doing okay. A critical time like this is the opportunity for us to rebuild those connections that we maintain every day, but forget to nourish.

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