Bangladesh YouthFest Gala Round to Be Held at North South University on 13th and 14th May

Bangladesh YouthFest Gala Round to Be Held at North South University on 13th and 14th May

Bangladesh YouthFest was officially launched by BBF on the 10th February, with the mission of ‘Inspiring the Nation’s Future’. YouthFest is a unique endeavor to inspire university students to prepare themselves for the global market. The event engaged students from seven divisions of the country.

The philosophy behind this fest is simple – students will get to learn from the experts and will be able to prove their talent in an idea based competition. Segmented into four parts, YouthFest comprises of Competition, Lecture Series, Career Talk, and Knowledge Hub.

Bangladesh YouthFest Gala Round will host the competition finale, bringing together the winning teams from each divisional round to select the National Winners. Alike other divisional rounds, the Gala round will hold numbers of lectures series, career talks, and showcasing. The Gala round will also hold the competition finale which will be among the divisional winners. All the updates on the fest will be available on the facebook event page.

Lecture Series: The objective of the segment is to expand the knowledge horizon of youth and make them more aware of the changing global and local scenarios. This segment will have the following –

• CEO Series – 10 CEOs of local and multinational corporate bodies will share their experiences on the way to success.

• Youth Icons – 10 youth icons will share their success stories

• Media Personalities – 10 media personalities will talk about their career journeys, the challenges they faced and how they overcame these challenges

• Inspiration – 10 inspirational figures will be invited to motivate the youth on their journey ahead

Career Talk: Sessions will be taken by different organizations/ institutions – by sector and by function – on the skills that they look for in new recruits and how the youth can work towards harnessing those skills. 

Innovation Hub: Sharing global as well as local best thinking by exclusive videos sessions and showcasing successful start-ups, innovative ideas, technological developments etc. This segment will include:

• Showcasing – 15 local startups, 15 global startups, 20 best local campaigns, snapshot of Bangladesh Economy etc.

• Exclusives from Cannes Seminar 2015 – 12 exclusive video sessions of world’s best thinkers and experts from Cannes Seminar    2015

• Inspiration Series – 7 best inspirational speeches from global speakers

Conceptual Art – Students from Dhaka University Fine Arts & NSU will develop Large Size artwork based on the activities of YouthFest Gala Round.

• Innovation Showcasing – Top 5 innovations from A2I, robots and other technology based projects developed by students.

• Comment Board – A comment board asking students to name a specific problem (Bangladesh is facing at the moment) that they will solve given the opportunity.

• Support a Cause – Showcasing on Tiger Conservation in Bangladesh and the current Water Challenges faced by Bangladesh

• Case Corner – Students will be given a short case at the venue and they will have to solve it on site during the day.

• Gaming Corner & other fun elements – Gaming Corner by Grameenphone, Prank Corner, and Tech-Funs by SSD-Tech Ltd. etc.

To register for the fest, please fill up the google form. Link for the google form –

Attendees must bring their university ID cards to get access to the venue. On the fest days, students will find their names in the sign up sheets at the entrance and they will get badges as pass for the fest, as we want to ensure the best possible security measures.

Students from all the university, including North South University, are requested to register for the fest.

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Glimpses of YouthFest 2016 Across the Divisions

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