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Bangladesh Retail Awards 2024 will recognize the organizations and initiatives modernizing retail in the digital age. This program will honor retailers who have best responded to changing consumer habits during unprecedented times by tailoring experiences, producing standout campaigns and closing the gap between the physical and digital worlds.


Best Ecommerce Platform (B2C)

The best retail ecommerce platform for B2C typically offers robust customization options, seamless user experience, and efficient order management. It integrates smoothly with various payment gateways and provides comprehensive analytics for informed decision-making. Additionally, top platforms often prioritize scalability to accommodate business growth and offer reliable customer support.

Best Ecommerce Platform (B2B)

The best B2B retail ecommerce platform offers robust catalog management, streamlined ordering processes, and advanced integration capabilities tailored for wholesale transactions. It empowers businesses with customizable storefronts, efficient inventory management, and comprehensive reporting tools, fostering seamless transactions and scalability in the digital marketplace.

Most Sustainable Retail Initiative

The Most Sustainable Retail Initiative exemplifies a commitment to environmental, social, and economic responsibility within the retail sector. It focuses on reducing carbon footprint, promoting ethical sourcing, and fostering community engagement. By prioritizing sustainability throughout its operations, this initiative sets a benchmark for eco-conscious retail practices.

Best Innovation in Retail Payment Solution

The best innovation in payment solutions revolutionizes transactions, offering seamless, secure, and efficient methods for transferring funds globally. It integrates advanced technology like blockchain, AI, or biometrics to enhance security and streamline processes, ensuring convenience for both consumers and businesses. This innovation empowers individuals and organizations to transact effortlessly, fostering financial inclusion and driving economic growth.

Best Retail Instore

“Best Instore Design” refers to the optimal layout and aesthetic of a physical retail space, maximizing customer engagement and sales. It involves strategic placement of products, intuitive navigation, and visually appealing displays tailored to the brand’s identity. The design should enhance the overall shopping experience, fostering a seamless and memorable interaction between the consumer and the brand.

Best use of Technology in Retail

The best use of technology in retail optimizes customer experience through personalized recommendations, seamless omnichannel integration, and efficient inventory management. By leveraging AI for data analytics and machine learning for predictive modeling, retailers enhance operational efficiency, drive sales, and foster long-term customer loyalty. This approach empowers retailers to adapt to evolving consumer preferences and stay competitive in the digital age.

Best Retail

The best retail campaign is one that captivates consumers, drives sales, and enhances brand loyalty. It combines innovative marketing strategies with a deep understanding of consumer behavior, resulting in measurable impact and sustained growth. By effectively engaging with customers across various channels, it creates memorable experiences that resonate long after the campaign ends.

Best Acquisition Strategy for Retail

The best acquisition strategy for retail involves understanding your target market deeply, utilizing omnichannel approaches to reach them effectively, and prioritizing customer experience to foster loyalty and retention.

Best Loyalty Campaign for Retail

The best retail loyalty campaign fosters lasting emotional connections with customers, rewarding not just transactions but also engagement and advocacy. It employs personalized incentives, seamless experiences, and innovative gamification to deepen brand affinity and encourage repeat purchases. By leveraging data insights, it continuously evolves to meet evolving customer needs and preferences.

Best Retail

The best retail startup is one that revolutionizes the shopping experience, offering innovative products or services tailored to customer needs. It demonstrates exceptional growth potential, scalability, and a unique value proposition that sets it apart from competitors. This startup embodies creativity, adaptability, and a deep understanding of market dynamics, paving the way for future success in the retail industry.

Innovation in Last Mile Distribution

Retail innovation in last-mile distribution involves the implementation of creative strategies andtechnologies to optimize the final stage of product delivery to customers. It encompassesadvancements such as automation, data analytics, and alternative delivery methods to enhanceefficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction in the crucial last leg of the supplychain. By leveraging innovative approaches, retailers aim to address challenges like speed,accuracy, and convenience, ultimately reshaping the landscape of final-mile logistics.

Best Innovation in POP Merchandising

The best innovation in POP (Point of Purchase) merchandising involves interactive displays with augmented reality features, enhancing customer engagement and product interaction. These displays seamlessly integrate with mobile devices, offering personalized experiences and real-time product information, driving sales and brand loyalty. Additionally, eco-friendly materials and sustainable designs are prioritized, aligning with consumers’ growing environmental consciousness.

Best Retail

The best retail activation is a strategically planned marketing initiative that seamlessly integrates with a retail environment to enhance brand visibility, engage customers, and drive sales. It creates an immersive and memorable experience, leveraging innovative techniques and technologies to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. By aligning with consumer preferences and market trends, it generates measurable results and strengthens brand loyalty.

Most Admired Retailer-New Market Penetration

“Most Admired Retailer-New Market Penetration” refers to a retail company recognized for itsexceptional entry into new markets, gaining admiration for its strategies, execution, and impact. Itsignifies a retailer’s ability to successfully navigate and thrive in previously untapped regions,earning respect and recognition within the industry. This accolade reflects the retailer’sinnovation, adaptability, and commitment to expansion while maintaining excellence in customersatisfaction and brand reputation.

Best Retail Organization of the Year

The Best Retail Organization of the Year award recognizes exemplary performance in the retail sector, honoring companies that demonstrate innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainable business practices. Recipients often distinguish themselves through exceptional sales growth, effective marketing strategies, and a commitment to delivering high-quality products or services. This accolade celebrates excellence in leadership, operations, and overall contribution to the retail industry.

Best Retail Revamp

“Best Retail Revamp” refers to a comprehensive transformation of a retail business/outlets, product assortment, and customer service. It involves integrating new technologies, rebranding, and new initiatives to improve customer experience and operational efficiency. Success ismeasured by increased customer satisfaction, sales growth, and a stronger brand presence.

Best Retailer

The best retailer stands out for exceptional customer service, diverse product offerings, and seamless shopping experiences. They prioritize customer satisfaction, maintain high-quality standards, and innovate to meet evolving market demands. Their reputation for reliability, value, and excellence sets them apart as a leader in the retail industry.




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  1. Each participating organization can submit as many entries in as many categories as they prefer.
  2. Each entry can be submitted in more than one category; in which case, the same entry in an additional category will be treated as an additional entry and charged accordingly.
  3. All entries for Bangladesh Retail Awards 2024 must be submitted through the Online Platform. Organizations are requested to fill in all the necessary fields in the mentioned form with adequate information. Please attach all the necessary content materials in a google drive and share the link in the online form while submitting. The Google Drive should be including the followings:
    • A PowerPoint Presentation based on a given template *
    • Supporting images of the nominations (Maximum 5 High-Resolution Images)
    • Audio Visual of the particular initiative (based on the context of submission & category). It should be less than 2 minutes. This AV will help the Jurors to understand the initiative better
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC) (Must be signed/sealed by the authority of the initiative) *
    • The impact mentioned should have definite proof.
  4. Submitting entries in the following manner would be appreciated:
    • There is no requirement to provide hard copies of the documents unless specifically requested.
    • The submission should be in accordance with the provided nomination form.
    • Please provide supporting images in either PNG or JPEG format, with a combined maximum file size of 15 MB.
    • Please submit high-resolution audio-visual and digital content in the .mp4 format.
    • Each entry must be submitted through the given PowerPoint presentation and the word limit should be followed strictly.


  1. Once submitted, an entry cannot be withdrawn.
  2. Nominations with incomplete forms will be disqualified.
  3. Kindly ensure that your entries are submitted no later than as no entries will be accepted after the deadline.
  4. The submission fee of BDT 12,500 + 15% VAT for each entry must be paid online or via an A/C payee cheque made out to “Brandzeal” at the Bangladesh Brand Forum office. We encourage online payments, and the necessary system has already been developed and integrated into the online platform.
  5. If you have any confusion or questions regarding the categories or details of the Bangladesh Retail Awards 2024, please contact the following numbers for assistance.
  6. Failure to comply with any of the above guidelines may result in disqualification of the entry by the Bangladesh Retail Awards 2024 authority.
  7. Each entry will be evaluated by the judges on criteria set by the awarding authority.
  8. Decisions taken by the Jury Panels in the evaluation process swill be as final.


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