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A Story of Trust and Support

In an industry often criticized for harassment, Guardian Life Insurance Limited has shown that there are still trustworthy companies. Among the many negative stories, their recent actions stand out as a great example of keeping promises and supporting policyholders.

Baby Begum, a housewife from Tanor Upazila in Rajshahi, had started a Deposit Pension Scheme (DPS) with BRAC and took an insurance policy from Guardian Life. Sadly, just three months after starting her policy, Baby Begum passed away, leaving behind her husband and two sons, Ripon Sonar and Mohammad Roni Mollah. Despite the short duration of her policy, Guardian Life stepped in to help her family.

Guardian Life paid Tk 720,000 to Baby Begum’s family, the full amount they were supposed to receive at the end of the DPS period. This quick and compassionate action provided much-needed financial relief during their difficult time.

Baby Begum had joined Guardian Life’s Chhaya Samchi insurance policy, agreeing to pay Tk 10,000 each month for five years. She had only paid Tk 7,100 and deposited Tk 30,000 into her BRAC DPS account before her death on January 7. Despite this, Guardian Life honored their commitment and quickly settled the claim, giving the promised amount to her family.

At a ceremony in Madaripur, Rajshahi Region-1, representatives from Guardian Life and BRAC handed the check to Baby Begum’s elder son, Md. Ripon. Senior officials from both organizations attended the event, showing its importance.

The family expressed deep gratitude to Guardian Life and BRAC for their quick response and support. This financial help not only eased their immediate troubles but also changed their view of life insurance. Ripon and Roni plan to use the money for their education and to start a business, ensuring a secure future as their mother would have wanted.

Guardian Life’s actions in this case are expected to restore public confidence in life insurance. By quickly and compassionately fulfilling their promise, Guardian Life has set a new standard for trust and integrity in the industry. Their commitment to customer service shows their dedication to providing safety and peace of mind for their clients in times of need.

As Guardian Life continues to strive for excellence, their recent actions remind us that trust and reliability are more than just words—they are values that can be upheld. Guardian Life Insurance Limited is proving to be a true companion in times of crisis, setting an example for others to follow.

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