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BBF Monthly | April 2024

The April 2024 issue of BBF Monthly presents an eclectic mix of topics, offering in-depth analyses and insights across various domains of business, technology, and cultural dynamics. The cover story focuses on the potential and challenges of the semiconductor industry in Bangladesh, examining its growth prospects and hurdles.

A comprehensive study on carbon trading for Bangladesh explores the environmental and economic implications of this emerging market. The revival of traditional cultural aesthetics among Gen Z is also featured, highlighting how younger generations are reconnecting with their cultural heritage.

The issue includes insights from Tulsi Jayakumar at WILFest 2024, offering a unique perspective on women’s leadership and empowerment. An article on global business amidst the Gulf’s geopolitical unrest delves into the challenges and strategies for navigating this volatile region. A feature on China’s Canton Fair showcases the presence of global brands and their strategies for engaging with the Chinese market. Growing environmental concerns regarding generative AI (GenAI) are addressed, focusing on sustainability issues and potential solutions. Nike’s innovative approaches to reinventing the supply chain are examined, offering lessons in efficiency and adaptability.

A thought-provoking piece on navigating a multifaceted career path provides insights into managing diverse professional roles. The issue also covers nervous system dysregulation, offering solutions for managing this condition. An exploration of the preference for analogue technology in a digital world sheds light on its enduring appeal.

Entrepreneurship and parenthood are discussed, offering strategies for balancing these demanding roles. The importance of established branding for businesses is examined, highlighting the risks of neglecting this critical aspect. The concept of hierophantic marketing is explored. Lastly, the role of branding in the age of social movements is analyzed, offering insights into how brands can navigate and contribute to societal change.

This issue of BBF Monthly is packed with diverse and insightful content, providing readers with valuable knowledge and perspectives on current trends and future directions in various fields.

The publication cover was designed by the country’s most prolific visual artist Ms. Nazia Andaleeb Preema, Director & Creative Editor, Bangladesh Brand Forum.


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