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BBF Monthly | August 2023

The August 2023 issue of BBF Monthly features the 4th Bangladesh Fintech Summit comprehensively as the cover story. This exclusive coverage stands as a source of knowledge for Bangladesh’s fintech professionals and aspirants as we have documented all the exclusive sessions from veteran fintech and finance & banking sector experts in a single long read.

Additionally, this issue features an exclusive session of Dr. Philip Kotler, who shared his comprehensive insights during Asian Marketing Day 2023. This session focused on Prof. Philip Kotler’s Perspective on Business, Entrepreneurial Marketing, and Global Transformation, which will enhance Bangladeshi marketers’ knowledge and provide them with deep insights into Prof. Philip Kotler’s philosophy.

Additionally, the enriched analytical articles of this issue showcasing “Why is it so Hard for Scholars to Launch Startups?”, “Cybersecurity Challenges of Fintech” and “What It Takes to Lead Across Generations” will provide readers with in-depth knowledge about business, leadership, and 21st-century tech challenges and solutions.

Moreover, BBF Monthly Magazine always puts importance on workspace productivity and mental well-being. A feature on “Stress Management for Success: Developing Resilience Skills in the Workplace” stands as a testament to our values and promotes the innate significance of mental health to the readers.

Overall, the topics and the articles were selected and written keeping diverse issues and angles, which are expected to provide knowledge and learning as well as keep a reader aware and updated.

The publication cover was designed by the country’s most prolific visual artist Ms. Nazia Andaleeb Preema, Director & Creative Editor, Bangladesh Brand Forum.


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