Digital has come a long way now from being just a buzzword. We are in the middle of the digital revolution that has changed the course of business. In this phase, the challenge for us is to stay at the forefront of digital innovation, driven by creativity.

Bangladesh has already taken the first steps of this revolution and is also thriving forward. In this regard, digital marketing is playing the most crucial role as it is the most efficient way to introduce the nation with the latest digital disruption.

For empowering the digital marketing professionals, Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF) initiated Digital Marketing Summit in 2014 which has been revamped this year with the name ‘Digital Summit’. BBF believes that recognition of hard work can instigate more brilliant works. Therefore, in 2017, the first-ever Digital Marketing Award was initiated by BBF to inspire and honor the digital marketing practices.

This year, on the 26th of October, the 3rd Digital Marketing Award is going to take place, along with the 6th Digital Summit, which will be presented by Meghna Group of Industries (MGI) & organized in association with The Daily Star. BBF hopes that these endeavors will honor the best digital works in designing, building, managing, marketing or promoting campaigns – and empower those who are making the digital space more engaging and vibrant every day.

Digital Marketing Award 2019 is coming with the following categories:

  1. Best App Marketing
  2. Best Content Marketing
  3. Best E-Commerce Platform
  4. Best Integrated Digital Campaign
  5. Best Social Campaign
  6. Best Use of Data & Analytics
  7. Best Use of Display
  8. Best Use of Facebook
  9. Best Use of Instagram
  10. Best Use of Mobile
  11. Best Use of PR in Digital Platform
  12. Best UGC
  13. Best Use of Search
  14. Best Use of Under 10 Seconds Video
  15. Best Use of YouTube
  16. Best Video


Extended Entry Submission deadline: 26th September, 2019

To send entries, download the Brochure and follow the submission guidelines.

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