Cultural and social stigmas around menstruation have been creating massive pressure in ensuring hygienic solutions of the period for the longest time. In such circumstances a very unique step has been taken by Freedom Sanitary Napkin which is – vending machines for a sanitary napkin.

The purpose of this initiative is to increase social awareness and generate discussion regarding period while making sure easy access to sanitary pads. Primarily, 9 vending machines have been installed in different spots of Dhaka University and Armed Forces Medical College. Honorable Education Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Dr. Dipu Moni, inaugurated the official launch program which took place at TSC of Dhaka University. Students and teachers across different institutions appreciated the initiative of raising awareness about menstrual hygiene among all.

The whole process of using the vending machine is user-friendly so that anybody can take aid from the machine. There are 10 buttons with numbers from 0-9 in the machine from which a consumer needs to choose one and insert a 10 taka note. A pad then drops in the ‘push and collect’ box.

A girl first gets her period at the age of 10-14. Many girls in our country do not have a complete and accurate understanding of menstruation as a normal biological process. While making menstrual products easily available, Freedom also regularly arranges awareness programs in schools, colleges, universities and garments intending to educate women regarding the importance of menstrual hygiene.

By making such a pioneering move, Freedom expressed strong commitment toward its journey to provide the best and affordable hygiene care to the women of Bangladesh by producing and distributing high-quality products retaining its slogan ‘Tomake bojhe’.

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