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GREE Air Conditioner wins Global Cooling Prize

Gree, the world’s leading air conditioner and home appliance manufacturing company has won the Global Cooling Prize 2021. It has won against inventing Zero Carbon Source technology that will help to reduce global warming. This environment-friendly technology will help to minimize 80% carbon emission from air conditioners. Air conditioners are a necessity in many areas of the world, especially in America where the weather can reach incredibly high peaks and the residents would often have to contact specialists like hvac Castle Rock, CO or ones of similar caliber. That is why something like this is a massive step forward for reducing global emissions without compromising on people’s comfort during heatwaves and extreme temperatures. Once this has started to be put into circulation into residential homes, it will need to be installed by services like One Hour Air Conditioning as well as other related companies, to make sure that it is equipped correctly for the best results.

Rocky Mountain Institute, Government of India, and Mission Innovation in a joint venture have patronized this Global Cooling Prize since 2018. Gree is a popular brand among users in more than 160 countries around the world. Moreover, the brand’s popularity seems to be soaring high because the air conditioners are not prone to frequent breakdowns. This means that using this brand can reduce the number of repairs homeowners need to make every other day as they might have to do with other air conditioning brands (they might have to hire Bowie MD HVAC service for AC repairs).

Anyway, like many other countries, this world-class company is well established in Bangladesh as well. Consumers rely on Gree for residential and industrial air conditioning systems. One of the country’s large home appliance manufacturers and distributors, Electro Mart Limited is the sole distributor of Gree air conditioners in the local market. The company is trading and manufacturing Gree air conditioner, air cooler, air purifier, and also the products like refrigerator, smart television, and other home appliances from another renowned brand Konka for the past two decades in Bangladesh.

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