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The nature of modern life requires each of us to act as if we have figured out a lot more about the future than we actually do. We engage in goal setting at work and fill our calendars with tomorrows ignoring today. Until something totally not in our control disrupts our life and gives it a drastic turn.

The truth is we have no control over the future or most of the incidents happening around us, but we can master our current state of being right now. In this time of unrest and uncertainty, from waking up in the morning till you go to bed at night, we are bombarded with unfortunate and uncomforting news, due to which we may feel overwhelmed at times. Hence, in such circumstances, our physical and mental well-being needs to be taken more seriously than ever. When it comes to physical strength, having a good workout regimen and a balanced diet can ensure you stay healthy. You can also read Dr. Paul’s articles or similar resources to learn more about proper workout practices. For mental well-being, spiritual practices teach us to locate that space within where we can transcend doubt and all the mental chatter and come into a space of radical trust and surrender.

Rusaasvaad, the founder of Satori Meditations about modern-day practice of meditation as a form of spiritual practice said, “As the 20th-century practices are different, these practices that we have right now are not enough for us to be transformed. Stating meditation as the union of body and mind Rusaasvaad said, “The ancient practice of meditation was created to cater people of that time and modern conditioning demands more and here comes active meditation.”

He walked us through different sorts of meditations of cathartic and tantra approaches which are very much needed for us to first get out of our stress and mind. Then just be able to be in silence and enjoy life as it is. We are not being able to do that as we are not looking at our conditioning, stress and all the depressed energies. Unless there is a scientific approach to release those energies, it is difficult for us to achieve and enjoy calmness.

No mind is a condition when there are no ripples of thoughts. Meditation state is a sort of death of the mind, which means the death of ego, and that is when we can see our true nature. There are many techniques to reach that state, and everything leads to one true essence of pure consciousness. In the modern lifestyle, we deal with different sorts of issues every day like anxiety, anger, stress, trouble focusing, and so on. And based on the issue, there are multiple methods to get relief from the problem. Some may employ cannabis products by going through cbdcatalog to obtain mental peace and relief. CBD can slow down constant thoughts to reduce stress and anxiety for a while. It has risen in popularity over the years with an increasing amount opting for it instead of traditional medication to help with calming down their anxiety, in fact, the need for cbd edibles wholesale manufacturers has advanced over time because of this leap in people who want to consume these products in a variety of ways and strengths.

Similarly, any meditation method will provide a certain level of relaxation but to get relief from particular problems there are specific solutions too for specific times of the day. In the early morning, we do catharsis, which is a process to release our pent up emotions. Often after something unexpected happens in our lives, we become so busy dealing with the damages happening due to that incident that letting it out is simply not our priority at that moment. Catharsis is the purification and predation of emotions that help us let go of the emotional repercussion caused by any incident. In the evening we do shaking meditation. By getting the whole body shaken we try to get off everything that does not allow us to get relaxed and be in that very moment. And at night there are more gentle methods that help to have a good night’s sleep.

About the long-term transformation in life through meditation Anika Rabbani, yoga practitioner and founder of Yoganika said, “In broader aspects, spiritual enlightenment can transform lives.” She added, “Bhutan is a living example of how spiritual beliefs make them the epitome of simple living and high thinking. Bhutan’s enriching spiritual belief and practice made that country the happiness capital of the world.”

About making meditation a common lifestyle practice she said, “In terms of the availability of professional help there are many institutions in Dhaka that will help you get into the practice of meditation, and most of these institutions now offer online sessions too.” “There are a number of mobile applications like, Headspace, Calm, Inscape which are also a great supplement to a mindfulness practice.” She added.

Visual Artist Nazia Andaleeb Preema was trained in Osho Ashram in 2005. “There is already an interconnection among our body, mind and soul. What we need to do is to awaken them so that they keep the balance between the inner self and the outer world.” She said.

Addressing modern life without spiritual awareness, Nazia Andaleeb Preema said, “Without spiritual awareness, one loses his connection with a purposeful life.” “Because now it is a chaotic world we live in, the only way to achieve balance is by practicing peace to your soul and mind, and being connected with one’s own spirit is the way forward to lead a meaningful healthy life.”

Through concentration, imagination and deep understanding one can awaken their spirit. But one needs to feel the importance of a wholesome, purposeful and meaningful life. If we connect to ourselves, we connect to others (people, nature, universe). If we are not connected with us, it is impossible to connect with our surroundings and the world to enjoy, to feel and to prosper.

Addressing the importance of balance in an artist’s life, Artist Nazia Andaleeb Preema said, “Artists deal with their subconscious to connect with their artistic ability to be creative and to have a certain lifestyle, and meditation or any sort of practice that bonds them with nature, soul, spirit would really be very helpful to create.” “It is like digging. The more we go deep of our core the more we would reflect on our art practice.” she added. It is a soul searching process through the mind and body connection. Being in nature and having a healthy diet are also a part of this practice. So one can easily identify how an artist’s imagination flourishes and exploration of the inner mind will help them to be more and more creative.

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