Innovate for Bangladesh – Exclusive Student Engagement

Innovate for Bangladesh – Exclusive Student Engagement

Bangladesh Innovation Conclave is initiating an exclusive session “Innovate for Bangladesh” for students. World renowned innovation expert Professor Robert C. Wolcott will grace the session as one of the speakers. Professor Wolcott teaches at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University; he is the Founder of Kellogg Innovation Network.

Other distinguished speakers of the session are – Anir Chowdhury, Policy Advisor, a2i, Prime Minister’s Office, and Kazi Monirul Kabir, Founder, Spider Digital, Dubai.

Bangladesh is crossing a critical cross road in the nation’s history. The country is predicted to be one of the top 30 nations (Economy wise) by 2030. Bangladesh has consistently delivered 6% growth over more than a decade. The fact that this progress has been possible despite the multitude of challenges is the testimony to the resilience of the economy and its people.

The young demography is the biggest strength of the nation, but the challenge is to convert them with the right skill set so that they lead the future sustainable growth of the nation. Therefore, Bangladesh needs to keep Innovation at the core and Innovate for Bangladesh is designed to start that critical dialogue for the country involving policy level, academia, professionals, entrepreneurs, and students.

The 4-hour session is designed in four parts –

• ‘Government Perspective of Innovation’ by Anir Chowdhury
• ‘Regional Innovation Approach’ by Kazi Monirul Kabir
• ‘Global Innovation Approach and what it means for Bangladesh’ by Prof. Wolcott

There will also be a panel discussion, based on the takeaways of the sessions, for students and how should they harness their innovation mindset.

We hope this intensive engagement will be able to inspire our future Bangladeshi Business Leaders and Decision Makers to go back and be a part of the movement that is going to change Bangladesh in a positive manner.

No entry fee would be required to attend this session. However, participants are requested to fill in the form below and confirm their registration.

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For further queries, +880 1955 680 756

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