Once again Paperfly is taking the lead to solve a critical problem for the E-commerce sector of the country. Subsequently, they inaugurated the ‘Smart Check’ feature after ‘Smart Return’. The inauguration event took place at the Paperfly office recently.

At the inauguration ceremony, the guests talked about the effort and innovation and gave thanks to employees for comes up with innovative ideas to solve the problems.

‘Return’ has been a massive concern for all the E-commerce players, as almost 24% of products get returned out of all online orders. Both the e-commerce and their logistics partners have to bear the cost of attempting to deliver these returned orders.

Out of the 24% returns, 21% is caused by either indecisiveness or unavailability of the customers. The rest 3% are identified as product or packaging issues and delays in delivery. But not always these numbers are readily available to act upon. Real-time proper visibility of the actual return reasons can help in taking steps in dealing with the #1 issue of the industry.

Paperfly has been rigorously working to provide an effective solution to reduce the percentage of ‘Return Percent’ or the number of undelivered products. As a result, last month they introduced ‘Smart Return’. Now they came up with ‘Smart Check’ feature.

As an effective solution, ‘Smart Check’ will enable register merchandisers to know more about their customers. This information would include the attitude of the customers about the product they ordered, how many customers get the delivery products, how many customers don’t get the products etc. In the future it will help the merchandisers to evaluate the ratio of customers ‘ ordered product and delivery ratio. So that merchandisers can take the right decision. Even they can track a certain order through this feature.

Rahath Ahmed, Chief Marketing Officer of Paperfly said, ‘We are really happy to come up with ‘Smart Check’ feature after ‘Smart Return’. From the very beginning of our journey, we tried to introduce innovative ideas to solve problems in the logistic sector. ‘Smart Return’ and ‘Smart Check’ are the results of the effort. We want to make a positive contribution to the development of this sector. And we will continue our journey with this commitment.’

E-commerce in Bangladesh is less than 1% of the total retail sector but within a decade it will grow up 15 to 20 percent. Since logistic is one of the most important for increasing the e-commerce sector, the guests are hopefully talked about innovation like ‘Smart Check’ in the future.

About Paperfly Ltd :

Paperfly is a new generation tech-based smart logistics service provider focusing mainly on e-Commerce doorstep delivery. It is currently the only logistics company that offers 64 districts, 493 Upazilas and 4454 unions doorstep delivery and cash collection service with their own employees. They also pioneered new generation logistics services like automated fulfillment and warehousing, doorstep marketing activation and retail distribution service to its E-Commerce, F-commerce, and other clients. Paperfly goes beyond cities and covers the deepest rural in Bangladesh and trying to bring the critical rural mass under effective e-commerce coverage, supported by their homegrown IT software and nationwide own setup.

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