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Samsung Electronics Introduces Smart Convertible Refrigerator in Bangladesh

Samsung Electronics has launched all new Smart Convertible Refrigerator in Bangladesh. This exclusive refrigerator of Samsung Electronics Bangladesh has been designed with twin cooling plus technology. The twin cooling plus technology will provide overwhelming freshness and the smart conversion will work as the differentiating factor with flexible space and energy saving. Here are some facts about the machine along with a refrigerator buying guide to ensure you get the best refrigerator that suits your needs.

RT39K5518S8-TL_001_Front_SilverThe new technology has been designed to meet consumers’ unmet needs and resolve their pain points. The twin cooling plus technology will keep the vegetables fresh for a longer period and will ensure complete freshness throughout the refrigerator by keeping optimal humidity up to 70%. In single evaporator systems, odors from Freezer can be permeated to vegetables and cooked Items in the refrigerator because the two compartments are interconnected. In comparison, Twin cooling system prevents air transition between the two compartments by having two separate evaporators, thus ensuring original flavor of refrigerated items. This would be complimented nice with a new electricty quote from Usave because of the refrigerator being the most energy hungry appliance in your household.

This refrigerator will introduce a new technology of 5-in-1 Smart Conversion. It has 5 different modes for fridge and freezer. Samsung Twin Cooling System refrigerators have two powerful evaporators and fans, operating independently for the refrigerator and the freezer which can control fridge and freezer whenever you want. As technology is advancing more and more over the coming years, you may want to look into recycling your old appliances. With computers being one of the most fast developing appliances in the industry, you can look into recycling your old PC to companies such as Exit technologies, there are also plenty of recycling companies out there that can get rid of your items whether it be a computer or a refrigerator for you, free of charge.

Mr. Firoze Mohammad, Head of Consumer Electronics of Samsung Electronics Bangladesh said, “At Samsung, we always encourage innovation and try to bring the latest inventions for our valued customers.” He added, “In this summer we are introducing the all new ‘Smart Convertible Refrigerator’ for the first time in Bangladesh which will give our customers the best control over their refrigerators along with the best features available.’’

This new refrigerator is now available from BDT 70,900 to BDT 94,900. Customers can enjoy 10 years warranty for compressor with this refrigerator from all Samsung authorized showrooms located nationwide. The authorized distributors of Samsung Refrigerator are Transcom Digital, Electra International and Rangs.

To know details, interested customers can call at 09612-300-300. Customers can enjoy EMI facilities buying authorized products of Samsung Electronics Bangladesh.

For detailed information, please visit Samsung Bangladesh’s Facebook page.

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