Sprite’s unique digital Campaign “Tomar Choice e Hok Sprite er Golpo” ends amid a storm of hype

Sprite’s unique digital Campaign “Tomar Choice e Hok Sprite er Golpo” ends amid a storm of hype

I never could imagine that my story would make such an exciting video story. I am really thrilled to be able to take part in this awesome campaign”-This is how Nadia Sultana, a young university student, shared her experience of participating in Sprite’s unique digital engagement campaign- “Tomar Choice e Hok Sprite er Golpo “.

Not only Nadia, rather a lot of people, especially the young, are really overwhelmed with joy to be able to take part & share their ‘Sprite story’ with the youth-centric brand. As a result, the unique digital campaign, organized for the first time in the country with sprite style, has been able to get a huge response.

The recently concluded campaign has made its way into the hearts of the viewers as it has an excellent predominance of viewer feedback. Not only innumerable consumers have actively participated in the campaign in response to Sprite’s call, they also willingly shared episodes of the story through social media.

The digital campaign was started by posting of an unfinished video story on Sprite’s official Facebook page. The protagonist of the story was Siam Ahmed, a popular actor and Sprite’s brand ambassador in Bangladesh. The first three episodes of the four-episode video story ended with surprising plot twists and each time- the viewers were asked for the stories of the next episode. At the end of the episode, participants sent their answer from the given options. And based on the majority viewer’s choice, the Sprite story had been built. And in this way, the campaign successfully grabbed the mass people’s attention and made a complete ‘Sprite Story’.

Grey Advertising Bangladesh Limited, the executive producer of Sprite Story-telling campaign, said, “Sprite is a very popular soft drink brand amongst the youth. So we wanted to work on such an idea through which the audience can directly participate. Each episode of Sprite’s storytelling campaign was filled with suspense and excitement. I would like to thank the main protagonist Siam & the team for helping the audience to capture their stories on the camera.”

Describing his experience on working with Sprite’s unique digital campaign, Siam Ahmed, Sprite’s brand ambassador, said, “I am truly delighted to be a part of such an exceptional and special campaign, organized by Sprite. Young people have taken part in the campaign with interest and created all the amazing twists with their creative imagination. That’s why, the campaign has received a great response within a short time.”

Sprite always encourages consumers to develop their creative ideas and intelligence in its youth-centric dynamism. Sprite believes, the unique taste of lemon-lime Sprite and its storytelling unique campaign, helped to revive its customers in this summer and add thrill in their lives.

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