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Address the stress of big projects

Life is an array of continuous effort and workload. And with the workload comes anxiety and stress. In today’s fast-paced and hectic lifestyles, with complex workplaces and individualistic values, stress has occupied a big part of our everyday lives. With projects to handle and complicated decisions to make, stress has started to drain and strain minds. Although stress and the complications that it brings have become a widely discussed topic, properly addressing stress is a quality that most of us lack. As it is unlikely to not stress over the challenges of every other day, adequately addressing stress is the only way out for us. So here are the steps you need to follow to address your stress to ace the next big project-

Divide the workload

When you are working on a big project, the chances of you juggling a variety of tasks is pretty high. Whether you are leading a team or doing it all by yourself, dividing the workload is important. It is highly recommended to address your stress by breaking down the project work into multiple steps of tasks and addressing the individual task pieces one after the other. Such breakdown of work may be based on importance, significance or simply by choice. It might be the first step but starting a project by disintegrating the workflow helps not only with project stress but also with holistic efficiency.

Address one at a time

Multitasking is often a praised trait in society, and it is rightful to do so. But when it comes to handling big projects, the answer to success lies in finishing pieces of tasks one after the other. After dividing the workload, it is important to make a To-do list to inflict upon the work both individually and holistically. This gives one enough time to reflect upon a particular task by approaching a broader perspective. And it is very important to start the initial work as soon as possible upon the division of work. Starting to brainstorm while the initial excitement and motivation are at their peak is important to understand the goals and mission of the project. For big projects, one simple step can either bring the project in the limelight or delay the project’s timeline. So as the second step, finishing off the segments of tasks one at a time is the best path to follow.

Don’t run towards perfection

While the quality of work indicates an individual’s sensibility and responsibility, the said virtue is not the one-way road to success. Time management and the ability to prioritise and choose the right balance between quality and quantity bring success right at the door. While addressing big projects, the situation is similar. Mastering the littlest tasks can drag a project down, creating more stress over the process. While perfection is appreciated in big and important projects, overwhelming the completion of a project with a pile of information is not an efficient and reliable method to follow. So without faltering on the responsibility, mastering perfection should not be the goal with any project work.

Set up rewards

We humans have a strong relationship with achievements. Even at the simplest level, achievements boost confidence. Be it a cup of coffee or a 15-minute break; rewards work like magic when it comes to stress. Rewarding yourself after crossing off a task from the To-do list is a great way to keep the spirit flowing for the next task in hand. But finding a good balance between rewards and work is an important discussion here. While deciding on rewards, make sure you do not push the boundaries of project work. Rewarding in a manner that prolongs the project will only cause more stress. So finding the ‘just right spot in between is the prime key to this segment.

Lend a hand

Humans are social creatures. Our civilisations and thus now highly connected world is the result of helping each other out and working together for the greater good. So asking for help is not the worst feat to follow in any conditions. Rather getting help with the project can shed new light on problems and bring new perspectives to the table. To strategise and analyse a situation, consulting an acquaintance or an expert in the field is an advantageous move. Not to be overwhelmed by the feeling of inadequacy to solve a problem, take the gesture as a learning opportunity and personal growth experience that can come in handy in managing stress.

Take care of yourself 

Among the hustle and bustle of workload, projects and stress, you should not forget that it is you who is enduring it all. A healthy diet and some basic rules do wonders while dealing with stress. A sip of water instead of a sip of coffee, a 7-hour sleep instead of an all-nighter, and a 30 minutes walk instead of cramming endlessly can be your gift to yourself for working hard. Trust me or not, but your soul and body will only pay back with more vigour and creativity if you give it a chance. Like a machine depreciating after operating for hours, your body and soul will naturally be drained after the stress and workload. So you need to compensate and allow yourself the time to take a breath once in a while.

Author- Subeh Tarek

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