Bangladesh Brand Forum will be launching Bangladesh’s first Retail Academy. This decision took place on the 10th of May 2018 after the 2nd periodic discussion on Modern retail and how to expedite the growth of the sector where the discussants, Retail Industry leaders of Bangladesh, talked about the potential areas of the evolution of the space with retail professionals and relevant stakeholders.

Retail plays a big role in the generation of employment for any nation. As Bangladesh economy takes a big stride and aims to be a developed nation by 2041, modern retail will witness tremendous growth. It is predicted that the sector has the potential to grow by 4 to 5 times in the next 5 years if driven professionally.

Developing skills needed to spur the sector to its potential is one of the areas highlighted by experts. With that thought in mind, Bangladesh Brand Forum will work to put together the 1st Retail Academy of the country.

The academy in addition to providing necessary skills needed for the sector – will also work in core research to understand the ground context and explore business model and approaches which can work for Bangladesh and share the learning within the sector. Academy will have global collaboration but will be driven primarily through inputs and active engagement by the present retail leaders to impart the right skills and competencies to shape the future Modern retail of Bangladesh. The academy will use multiple online platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) and physical platform to create engagement and train the future professionals. It will also work with universities and youth to promote the sector within youth to inspire them to build a career in modern retail.

Bangladesh Brand Forum since 2016 has been pursuing development of the sector through Bangladesh Retail Congress – a platform which shares local and global knowledge and knows how within the sector. This year the platform is expected to delve deeper and focus on skill development and generating the needed awareness for the sector.

The discussion included the active involvement of Sabbir Hasan Nasir, Executive Director, ACI Logistics Limited (Swapno); Ashraf Bin Taj, President, Marketing Society of Bangladesh; Rubaiyat Jamil, Chief Executive Officer, Rangs Industries Limited; Murtoza Zaman, CEO, Unimart Limited; Raziur Rahman, Senior Manager- Marketing Communication, Singer Bangladesh Ltd.; M. Zulfiquar Hussain, CEO and Lead Consultant , grow n excel; Sudarshan Reddy , COO, Apex Footwear Ltd- Unit2, Syed Nasim Manzur, Managing Director, Apex Footwear Ltd.; Professor Mohammad Abdul Momen, Director, Pride Group.

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