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Down The Retail Rabbit Hole

Digital technology is the future for all of us, even though companies are just now starting to implement it. This is especially true for those in the retail market because, As technology improves on a daily basis, newer and more efficient methods of doing even everyday chores are coming to light. One of those chores or tasks is shopping for things online. Without the retail companies taking advantage of these digital technologies connecting to their customers will become more strained, which will only hurt their profit.

What is Digital Technology doing for the Present Retail Market?

As you might already know by now, digital technology comes in many forms, and each can be applied in numerous fashions for the retail market. Here is a short but thorough overview.

Contactless Contact

Since most are living in places that are mostly recovering from the damage done by Covid-19, it is no wonder doing things contactless is still a popular choice. To allow for more touchless interaction, retailers use the digital technologies available to them to their full potential. There has been a major rise in e-commerce as everyone is still fearful of the coronavirus.

Therefore, retailers have to implement touchless interplay in every step of their selling process to showcase their customers’ clean and hygienic environment. Yet, a level of personalization needs to be involved for a better customer experience. The only way to have it both ways, is to use various digital technologies such as smartphone-compatible digital marketplace and predictive algorithms for inventory.

Inventory Optimization

As I said in the point above, using predictive algorithms in inventory is a great way to show a hygienic workplace. This is great for both your customers and employees since both are scared of viruses due to corona. Another point to remember is that these algorithms also help store your products smartly and efficiently. For example, certain algorithms will show you which products are selling more or less. Using this information, you will know which products you need more in your inventory and which ones you can go without.

Effective Partnerships

Some of those reading this article may still think that face-to-face or physical partnership is still peak marketing. But it isn’t due to digital marketing. While going full digital will make partnerships better, digital technologies do indeed improve it. With a better form of communication across the entire world due to innovative technologies, retailers can easily connect with suppliers and customers.As such, it leads to a better partnership and more feedback between both parties.

Cost Efficiency

With many digital techs close to our hands, decreasing our costs and increasing profits should be easier. Many of these digital innovations help you to find where most of your costs are coming from. Additionally, some can even help you find ways to decrease them quickly and smoothly.

Greater Transparency

With the help of digital technology, many potential buyers can take a peek behind retailers’ curtains. But doing so to see how they run their operations can cause leaks of important information, which only hurts the business and trust.
But by using some of those technologies, retailers can become more transparent without showing the critical stuff. This will deepen the bond between retailer and customer while keeping the noisy people away.

Future of Retail Technology and Innovation
While now that you have gotten a better understanding of how digital technologies have helped the retail market evolve, it is time to look at the future. In simpler terms, you need to be made aware of what new digital innovations might be in store for the retail market as a whole. Most of these digital technologies are already in the prototype stage since they were made for other avenues but were useful for retailers.

Artificial Intelligence

In the first place, we have AI or artificial intelligence since, let us be honest, AI will be everywhere in a decade or two. In particular, we are talking about how AI will help increase the overall efficiency of the retail market with its predictive capabilities.
According to many researchers making the connection between AI and retail, with AI’s ability to be there 24/7, customer satisfaction will see a dramatic rise. And that will be the tip of the iceberg. AI’s predictive capabilities could also take into account minute changes at possibly real-time speed.

Augmented and Virtual Realities

You might already know this, but customers love the idea of sitting on their couches and doing all their shopping on a digital platform. On the other hand, they sometimes miss the experience of going to the actual shop. However, think about what they might feel when they could be at the shop while actually sitting or standing in their home. To make this crazy idea, we will be needing improvements in AR or VR. Either or both could help retailers bring their marketplace inside their customer’s homes for a truly new experience that would possibly boost their sales and profit through the roof.

Final Few Words

In summary, digital technologies are showing massive improvement for retailers already. Still, there is much more that is possible in the future. But if you want to see those futures in your sector, you need to quickly join others who are taking advantage of it.
Because digital technologies are continuously evolving the retail market in the 21st century.

-Written By Syed Hossain

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