GEEKY Social Launches Zero-ASF Media Buying campaign for Newly Activated Digital Businesses

GEEKY Social Launches Zero-ASF Media Buying campaign for Newly Activated Digital Businesses

You will not have to pay for digital media buying if you are a client of GEEKY Social!

Yes, leading digital marketing company GEEKY, in a statement today, has announced that it has launched a “zero-ASF-media buying” campaign to help the pandemic-hit Bangladeshi businesses.

As the pandemic hit the Bangladesh economy hard, businesses and consumers alike are going digital at an unprecedented rate. Whereas adopting a digital consumer behavior takes only an Internet-connected smartphone and basic knowledge of browsing the Internet, it takes a lot more for a traditional business to go digital. Converting an entire traditional value chain into a digital-savvy one is no child’s play and the marketing and sales function especially isn’t. Generating sales using online channels in this New Normal is something the newly-converted Bangladeshi businesses have been struggling with as they lack the right know-how and the right partners to win in the digital frontier.

Enter GEEKY Social Limited, the leading Bangladeshi digital-first marketing company that specializes in generating sales for its clients through its unique GEEKY Methodology comprising of an amalgamation of deep media buying knowledge, creative content, and proven understanding of digital strategy.

GEEKY Social has announced that to help these newly-minted digital businesses scale and grow; the Company will not charge any agency commission on the media buying done with them for the first three months after a client signs with them. According to a statement, the eligible media buying platforms are: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Local Publishers.

New (and old) Bangladeshi businesses will be able to take the ZERO-COMMISSION benefit if they sign up with GEEKY by September 30, 2020.

To grab this opportunity, get in touch with GEEKY Social team through Messenger:

GEEKY Social, a member of Facebook’s prestigious global Agency Directory, has a longstanding track record of successfully producing real business results for its clients using digital channels. Two of its success stories have now been published in Facebook’s global platform Facebook for Business. To know more about how GEEKY Social helped, click here and Khaas Food, click here.

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