You are currently viewing Nomination Window is Open: Bangladesh Innovation Award 2022

Nomination Window is Open: Bangladesh Innovation Award 2022

Innovation continues to be one of the key drivers in the digital age and technology. With the ongoing pandemic, innovation has proven to be an essential trajectory for brands and businesses as they adapt and overcome the challenges through novel solutions. For Bangladesh, Innovation remains crucially important for 2 reasons: 

  1. For Bangladesh, a quantum leap forward in every arena is needed to realize our vision of becoming a developed nation.
  2. A technological revolution holds substantial opportunities for Bangladesh to elevate itself both economically and socially. 

Therefore, innovation needs to take center stage in our approach and thinking regarding everything that we do. In keeping with the line of thought. Bangladesh Innovation Conclave put together the 1st Bangladesh Innovation Award 2018. 

The Bangladesh Innovation Award has been conceived to recognize the community of innovators – be it entrepreneurs, start-ups, or established organizations – and their groundbreaking innovations. The accolade also aims to inculcate and inspire an innovative and creative mindset within local industries to take Bangladesh forward. 

Now in its 4th iteration, the Bangladesh Innovation Award 2022 has officially started accepting nominations from January 09, 2022. 

Nominees in the Bangladesh Innovations Award will be subject to a strict evaluation process by peers and leaders from business, civic, and academic communities. Ground-breaking innovations that pioneer newer possibilities and scope for the market-products, services, or processes – will be evaluated and measured on their originality, market impact, socio-economic influence, disruptive capabilities, and introduction of newer effects on the status quo. 

There are a total of 12 major categories and 11 sub-categories for the Bangladesh Innovation Award 2022.

  • Best Innovation – Finance 
    • Innovation in Banks 
    • Innovation in NBFIs
    • Innovation in Other Financial Institutions 
    • Innovation in Insurance
  • Best Innovation – Fashion & Apparel 
  • Best Innovation – Healthcare 
  • Best Innovation – Community Engagement 
  • Best Innovation – SDG inclusion 
  • Best Innovation – Agriculture Sector 
  • Best Process Innovation 
  • Best Innovation – Product Development 
  • Best Start-Up Innovation 
  • Best Innovation – Education 
    • University Learning Delivery 
    • School Learning Delivery During
    • 3rd Party Education Innovation 
  • Best Innovation –  Frontier Technology (Robotics, Drone, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Intelligence & Blockchain) 
  • Public Service Innovation 
    • Innovation in Service Delivery 
    • Best COVID-19 Response 
    • Citizen Co-Creation 
    • Innovation Created from Ground Up

Bangladesh Innovation Award 2022 Submission Deadline: January (26), 2022

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