Panel Discussion on ‘Realizing Potentials – The Bangladesh Perspective’

Panel Discussion on ‘Realizing Potentials – The Bangladesh Perspective’

The fourth edition of Leadership Summit (LS) was held in the capital on 23rd April to address the question and instill leadership drive among corporate leaders, to materialize the potential the country has to offer. Upholding the theme, ‘Realizing Potentials’, the Leadership Summit 2016 was presented by American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) and organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF).

The day-long summit was designed with five key-note sessions on leadership, a panel discussion on economic growth and launching of “Mind Your Marketing”, which is a journal of World Marketing Summit. The summit was held at the Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel in the city and attended by around 500 business professionals of the country.

The topic for the panel discussion was “Realizing Potentials – the Bangladesh Perspective.” The panel discussion was aimed at bringing the conversation to the local arena, concentrating on the theme of the summit, “Realizing Potentials”. The panel was moderated by Mr. Munawar Misbah Moin, Group Director, RAHIMAFROOZ and the panel consisting of Mr. Abrar A. Anwar, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Bangladesh, Dr. Arif Dowla, Managing Director, ACI Limited, and Prof. Dr. Syed Ferhat Anwar, Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka.

The moderator started the discussion by sharing his mantra of ‘4 Es packed in a P’ and how contribution is an essential aspect of leadership. The emphasis of genuine conversations to uniting a team to achieve a common goal was also touched upon by Mr. Moin.

Dr. Dowla provided his insights on encouraging the debate of ideas in a workplace and the allowance of plurality of those ideas. He also stressed upon the allowance for failure and not to over react to mistakes.

Mr. Abrar A. Anwar encouraged leaders to accept the fact that they are incomplete and not perfect. He urged not to look at the recruiting of someone better than yourself as a threat, rather as an opportunity to learn.

Adding to the discussion, Prof. Ferhat Anwar provided more academic insights to the discussion by urging leaders to be assertive, systematic and innovative to fully realize their potentials.

The panel concluded with each member giving three takeaways out of the discussion: upholding of values, humility, and constant innovation being the more prevalent ones.

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