Robi Achieves Unprecedented Results on Facebook with HTTPOOL

Robi Achieves Unprecedented Results on Facebook with HTTPOOL

Robi Axiata Limited, the 2nd largest telecommunications operator of Bangladesh, recently ran a digital advertising campaign on Facebook, to highlight its 4.5G network. The campaign was designed and managed by ADA Asia, and implemented in cooperation with Httpool, Facebook Authorized Sales Partner in Bangladesh to improve its effectiveness and measure its return on investment.

Robi’s vision is to establish itself as an innovative digital brand and its core focus is to establish itself as the superior 4G network in the market. With this campaign, Robi wanted to build the perception of its 4G supremacy, its brand preference, and measure the recall of its 4.5G network. The campaign featured video content that showed a life moment between a father and daughter while experiencing video streaming with Robi’s strong 4.5G video strong network.

The target audience was all Facebook users in Bangladesh. The campaign was run for a total of 3 weeks. As measured by Httpool, the campaign reached out to 9.2 million people and delivered around 45.6 million impressions.

Robi’s campaign was considered as a “brand lift study” and analyzed in cooperation with Facebook. The standard of an ad recall for a brand lift is 6.1 points. Robi’s ad scored 10.7 points, making it significantly better than the average score.

The standard average message recall score is 2.0 points. This particular campaign saw a strong message recall uplift score of 3.5 points, once again providing a result significantly better than the benchmark.

Nazmul Huda Talukdar – Facebook Client Solutions Manager at Httpool Bangladesh added: “Facebook’s family of apps provides brands with effective channels to connect with their most relevant audiences. The Robi brand lift study proved once again that measurement of the campaign outcomes in terms of ad recall can effectively impact brand and business outcomes.”

The partnership between Robi, ADA Asia, and Httpool has proved to be a fruitful one. The campaign saw Robi achieve unprecedented results and break all previous records of brand lift scores on digital advertising. This could kick start a trend where more and more Bangladeshi companies and brands become enticed to run efficient digital advertising campaigns on Facebook.


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