Are you an aspiring entrepreneur just starting with your venture? If yes, you are probably full of confidence and optimism about your future success. The most fulfilling part of this journey is being passionate and bubbling with creative ideas to mould your dream. But once you come down from this high, you realise that only having sky-high dreams or a plethora of ideas is not enough. The next essential step is to frame your passion and give your ideas a structure. Every day you will need to complete specific tasks to shape your initiative, that too effectively. You need to slow down and focus on the tasks you need to get done; you need to keep track of everyday steps. You also need to think and reflect on where you plan to take your initiative in the coming time.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, it is common to dread the responsibility of managing an entire business. You may have a packed schedule while running your own company. You need to constantly work on project management, money management, and time management; these are some key responsibilities you must deal with at every step. You need to hone your knowledge about your startup field. Your communication skills and networking must be spot on while following the latest industry trends. You need a sharp mind space with a clear set of goals. This personal development is something you absolutely cannot ignore. Ensuring maximum productivity while focusing on your self-growth is a must if you want to succeed in your endeavours. In this digital world, if some apps can assist in your tasks and make your everyday life easier, then why should you not make the best use of them?

Let’s look at some of the most useful apps for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Trello When it comes to project management, there are few alternatives to Trello. Using this app, you can visualise what tasks need to be done and work with your colleagues. You can organise the tasks into cards, lists, and boards, allowing you to view the tasks or activities in progress. It contains several tools that make working with group members easy and stress-free. You can also divide the workload, assign projects to your colleagues, set deadlines, and keep track of the work in progress. It is a simple yet effective and user-friendly mobile application.


Pocket The pocket app comes in handy when it is all about saving great content on entrepreneurship and startup. You can read saved items later when you have time. The app gives you a dashboard where you can save web content in many different formats, such as articles, videos, social media posts, etc. The app also suggests the best and most useful web content that helps you shape your business and educate and train your mind. Users can also create tags to organise their saved items, listen to articles when convenient, and highlight the part they find useful.


Evernote As an aspiring entrepreneur, your mind is always buzzing with ideas and thinking about creative ways to shape and grow your business. So, it is important to have an app that will help you record & organise everything. Evernote is helpful in doing precisely that. You can create and save ideas and strategies such as notebooks, checklists, and to-do lists. The app supports many formats and also enables its users to share content with their colleagues directly for collaboration. It is an effective note-taking app that makes it easier to brainstorm ideas and prepare and execute necessary plans. There are more than 50 useful templates to help you get more work done.



Freshbooks If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you already know that accounting is a part of your job that is extremely important but can also be very tedious and confusing. If you plan on doing this part yourself, FreshBooks can be helpful. It’s an accounting tool designed to track your expenses, simplify managing payroll, create and send invoices, customise e-signatures and respond to client feedback by tracking your time and taking photos of receipts in the mobile app. The app is a good choice for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. FreshBooks is not a free app; it only has a 30-day free trial.



Slack Team collaboration will be an integral part of your life as an entrepreneur. Slack is a wonderful communication app for entrepreneurs and makes the process of team collaboration effortless. Slack brings the whole startup team together by making groups, regulates the activities that need to be done, and makes communication between team members easy. You can also organise your conversations with your colleagues and edit documents to make the whole process more effective and productive.

There are some other apps that can also make your journey as an entrepreneur smooth and successful such as LinkedIn, FlipBoard, Dropbox, Blinkist, Canva, TripIt, Motivation 365, Todoist, Enterprise League, etc.

The apps discussed above were thoughtfully crafted to help aspiring entrepreneurs master the necessary skills to run their own businesses. By making the best use of these apps, you will be able to ensure maximum productivity in your everyday life while safeguarding your personal growth. So, let’s get started!

Author- Tahia Afra Jannati

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