Stay Home Challenge with Webable and UNDP

Stay Home Challenge with Webable and UNDP

Series of unfortunate events under this month-long lockdown has started to take a toll on our sanity, but we have to do it for the sake of ourselves and others. To make staying at home more bearable for people WebAble partnered up with United Nations Development Programme in Bangladesh (UNDP) and launched #StayHomeChallenge on March 24.

The purpose of this challenge was to spread positivity among people staying home. The partners created messages to help people stay patient, be positive, and be hopeful in collaboration with the country’s top musicians, actors, artists, comedians, dancers, public figures, and online influencers.

A stay-home music video was created with Chirkut, Minar, and ABD by online collaboration. Gaan Bangla and Robi joined #StayHomeChallenge to entertain the audience with live concerts. Inspired by the call to action, celebrities and audience shared their stories with WebAble and UNDP.

The campaign reached over 18million Bangladeshis in two weeks and helped everyone to stay inside and practice social distancing with encouragement and positivity. The videos under the campaign were viewed over 6.5million times with 2million post engagements on Facebook.

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