City Group Launches Bangladesh’s First & Only Teer Whole Wheat Atta

City Group Launches Bangladesh’s First & Only Teer Whole Wheat Atta

One of the largest organizations meeting the food requirement of the people of Bangladesh, City Group’s contribution to the country’s economy speaks volumes of its commitment. To further cater to the requirements of the consumers, the group has decided to add to its food line of products regular Atta, Maida, Semolina, Soybean oil, Sugar, Mustard oil and Jibon drinking water; Bangladesh’s first Whole Wheat Atta.

The latest brand under the umbrella of Teer products was launched at a formal ceremony held at Amari Dhaka on the 3rd of August, 2016. Present at the event was the director of the group Mohammad Hassan, Shampa Rahman, Buhler Bangladesh’s country manager Mohammad Imran Uddin and high officials of the City Group. As a special guest former principal of Home Economics College and chairperson of Food & Nutrition Department Professor Shaheen Ahmed. During the course of the event health benefits of Teer Whole Wheat Atta were described to the audience.

Teer Whole Wheat Atta is made from grinding the wholegrain completely, without losing any part of it. According to doctors advise 50% of all our diet should consist of whole grains. To fulfill this nutrition requirement Teer Whole Wheat Atta is carefully prepared from the world’s best quality wheat. This atta contains bran, germ and endosperm of each wheat grain whereby the complete vitamins, minerals and natural fibres of the wheat are present. This in turn helps keep your heart, colon and stomach healthy. The natural ingredients also significantly lower the risk of colon cancer.

Keeping the food value intact of the entire grain is made possible through Buhler machineries of Switzerland. With the addition of this factory unit, City Group has the largest milling capacity in the country and this fortifies the group’s commitment to provide a steady supply of highest quality product for a very long time. Teer Whole Wheat Atta will be available at all retail and super-shop outlets in Bangladesh.

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