Magician of Words Dr. Abdun Noor Tushar at Bangladesh YouthFest 2016

Magician of Words Dr. Abdun Noor Tushar at Bangladesh YouthFest 2016

Dr. Abdun Noor Tushar  was one of the Lecture Series Speakers at Bangladesh YouthFest Gala Round. Bangladesh YouthFest completed its first season in early May of this year with a two-day festival at North South University. Starting its journey in February 2016, Bangladesh YouthFest engaged students from seven divisions of the country with Career Talk, Innovation Showcasing, interactive Lecture Series, extensive Ideation Competition were held in each division.

This magician of words, COO at Nagorik TV, doctor, debater, TV presenter, writer and social activist cast a spell over the crowd full of youngsters. He shared about his many life experiences and how he overcame the many obstacles that life threw at him. His words of wisdom left the people present, enchanted. ‘If you consider your work as merely work, you are bound to become a moderate person. But in order to be the very best, you need to have passion for the work you do. Only then shall you reach the pinnacle of success’’ he quotes. Mr. Tushar shed light on the changing global media and how it is affecting Bangladesh. Pursuing a career in media has become all the more daunting but he firmly believes that the youth in Bangladesh is full of potential and overflowing with talent and creativity. He urged the youngsters to dream big because when you go beyond your limit and dream big, you grow as a person. You will come across situations where you’ll be required to take risks and at that very moment you should not falter. Your passion shall fuel the rocket, but vision—a big dream— will point that very rocket to its ultimate destination. He ended his speech by expressing that one should never follow someone with power and rather follow someone who has the power within.

by Fabiha Naz Kabir

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