• Update yourself with the new milestones around the world.
  • Get creative and share it with everyone.
  • Give the online courses a try.
  • Brush up your long-lost hobby.
  • Explore your inner-self.
  • Contemplate how to make this world a better place.


This is a very delicate time for the world as the outbreak of COVID-19 has confined us into a new reality, leaving us all traumatized. All the schools have now declared online classes while some have even ended the semester and most offices have announced work-from-home. While we are in these circumstances together how can we make efficient use of this time instead of just being frightened upon the news updates every other minute? There are many ways we can take advantage of this isolation and come forward to better ourselves.

Finish that book. Recall that book you had bought on the way home from office but you were too exhausted to start reading? Remember the book you could not finish and it got lost under the enormous pile of your study notes? Now is the time to get your hands on it. Make yourself a warm drink and gather as much knowledge as possible. Moreover, there are many thought-provoking books and magazines online that counsel you on how to grow yourself as a person by aiming at your improvable traits. Several online contents are also out there on things that are happening around the world. In the world of business, technology, retail, and finance many crucial events occurred, new innovations arrived that you probably have missed out on. One of such is the monthly publication by Bangladesh Brand Forum. You can also find insightful articles on the blog website of Bangladesh Brand Forum. Now is the time that you allow yourself to be up-to-date.



Get the best out of YouTube. YouTube is free and is one of the most quick-witted online platforms. Everything you want to learn or every skill you have always wanted to advance is just a click away. In addition to that, if there are any new DIYs or any new life hacks that you have acquired yourself, you can share it with the world with just a click. It is never too late to get creative and start your channel and share your resourcefulness with everyone. 







Online certification. Many online websites provide certificates upon completing a course. This is where you can develop your soft skills for that job you have always had your eyes on. Most of these curriculums are self-paced and have flexible schedules. Some may even require several months to complete but it’s always decent to take the first step and start.







Specific skills. You can also use this time to emphasize a specific skill set such as learning to cook, learning a new instrument, adapting a new effective way of exercising, etc. This may be the perfect time to brush up any hobby of yours that you could not pursue. Besides YouTube, many other online websites and articles provide incredible resources and shortcuts that you can acclimatize to improve your daily life.



Self-exploration. This pandemic has left us all panicked as we are not even able to meet our loved ones. During this time of remoteness, it is imperative to bring attention to your innermost self. We need to contemplate what is happening to the world and how we can develop ourselves as people and the modifications we can make for this world to be a better place to live. What changes can we make in our personalities or in our day-to-day life routine that can facilitate us to lead a contented and healthier life? We need to learn to appreciate the good things in our life that we, very easily, disregard everyday letting negativity infiltrate our mind, making us ungrateful. Let us all take productive gain of this isolation and bring out the best in us.


Written by

Rawnak Tahnia

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