Unleashing the Potentials of Mobile Advertising

Unleashing the Potentials of Mobile Advertising

by Md. Saidur Rahman Sagor
Senior Manager, Growth, G&R

The internet scenario in Bangladesh is changing rapidly. Since the commencement of 3G services, it has been spreading at a remarkable rate. According to recent data from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), the number of internet users almost doubled in the last two years; and it reached up to 62 million in April 2016. Of the 62 million active internet subscribers, 58 million are using mobile internet which almost cover 93% of total. The smartphone industry is blooming accordingly and more than 10 million people use smartphones today and 1.5 million new smartphones are being added every quarter. Ultimately, as these mobile internet usage statistics from broadbandsearch.net demonstrate, these figures show no signs of slowing down.

Faster data connectivity offered by the network operators, cheap data plans and affordable smartphones are also helping to increase mobile internet usage in Bangladesh.

As a result, mobile traffic is growing. G&R’s data also reflects the same. From 2015, mobile inventory of G&R has surpassed the desktop inventory.

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According to Telenor, the current population of Bangladesh is 166 million and 51% of them are below 25 years old, which means the market is dominated by youth based smartphone users.

Google says, “Mobile has forever changed what we expect of brands. It’s fractured the consumer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments.”

The key driver of mobile data growth in Bangladesh are social networking & chat apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber etc. In addition, video content is driving mobile internet traffic usage growth rapidly.

All these observations and insights moves us to think deeply about mobile advertising. There is no doubt that advertisers have to make sure they can be found on mobile usage as consumers regularly use mobile phones for various activities like looking for information, browsing web, playing games or taking notes. All of these transforms the mobile into a very attractive marketplace. It represents an opportunity for brands to establish more effective communication strategies by targeting mobile.

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It’s more important than ever to figure out how your mobile advertising plan works. Here’s how to get started.

Nowadays most of the brands in Bangladesh are using digital media as a part of the whole media planning. And they cannot just deny online display mobile advertising if they are looking for a 360 degree solution. Currently, there are few options for mobile advertising in Bangladesh such as Fixed Buying, Local Ad Network (For example: G&R), International Ad Network (For example: Google Display Network, Facebook audience network), etc. Depending on campaign objective, strategy, target and goal, advertisers can mix and match these platforms for the best outcome. A single channel cannot bring the actual best result.

Both local and international Ad network are driving business growth in a mobile-first world and helping advertisers achieve their business objectives by uniquely positioning the power of intent and context. Here consumer’s intent refer to what the consumer wants or plans to do at that moment or in the future.

Ad networks have different ad types for both mobile application and mobile web. Besides the traditional banner ads, there are native ads for mobile application. Learn more about native advertising from Storygize. Interstitial ads allow advertising ad content and it will be more beneficial for advertisers who are more likely to be interested in branding. For Mobile optimized web, sticky ad allows the audiences stick with the ad whether they scroll up or down the page.

G&R’s network data shows that sticky ad performance or user engagement is 60% more than that of traditional one. Expandable rich media ad helps to expand an ad creative into a larger creative, upon a user click interaction. It makes the way to contain extra information which might help the advertisers. In terms of mobile application promotion, G&R has efficient optimized system like app install tracker (SDK). Advertiser can easily monitor the download history from ad click. Other than going to landing page, those who want a direct call, sms or email by clicking ad, there are obvious options like click-to-call, click-to-sms, and click- to-email.

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How to optimize Mobile Advertising

Now another big topic is how to optimize the ads. Local and international ad network have various features to target the ads to right groups. Apart from various ad types advertisers can set different targeting parameters. They can actually reach to their target audience at the right place by choosing Location (country, city), Interest/Category, Network (telco operator), Device, Operating System etc. They can also run remarketing campaign, conversion tracking, and contextual targeting campaigns with local billing module. So advertisers should focus on what are they actually missing out if they are not using ad Network in mobile media plan.

With mobile playing such an important part in today’s marketing engine, advertisers need to make sure they are optimizing for the best possible experience. More businesses are aiming for mobile advertising, or at least ensuring that their marketing has mobile users in mind, making sure that their businesses whether local or other wise, can easily be accessed through these devices. An example, if you wish to see one, can be viewed through water restoration marketing, a service that is frequently in demand, but is in a competitive market. Having marketing strategies that can put your business a head of the curb is essential to any business in such a competitive trade. On this note, I would like to conclude with simple questions to think about; Will you use mobile advertising just like other media (no targeting, no detailed reporting, no specific ROI etc.)? Whom do you actually want to reach with your mobile advertising campaign – the huge numbers of Bangladeshis on Bangladeshi web and app, on International web, or a mix of these two? Kindly decide your dos and don’ts of mobile advertising.

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