10 Things You Can Do with Samsung Note 5

10 Things You Can Do with Samsung Note 5

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As a corporate executive, you work hard to create an edge in your organization. Communication, networking and coordination are your constant engagement. Samsung Note 5, with its unparalleled features lets you work on the go and enjoy that as well.

Here are some notes which tells you why Note 5 is the perfect solution for you-

  1. Contact list based on Exchange: You are working for a corporate firm and should have all the contacts of the people working for your firm. You may have many contacts in various databases but you need a common database of the contacts! Through Exchange on the Note 5, you now have access to everyone at your company for calls, text messages, and email.
  1. Use the fifth generation S Pen with the screen off: You can replace all your Post-It notes by simply pulling out the spring loaded S Pen and writing on the Note 5 without ever turning on the screen. And the best part is the moment you put the S pen back, the notes you have been taking gets saved.
  1. Annotate PDFs: You must have wished a thousand times to comment on a pdf file or sign on the pdf documents using your phone as most of the letters and deliverables of the corporate firms are signed electronically. While you can’t get full secure signature support on the Note 5, you do have the ability to use the S Pen to provide your signature.
  1. Pre- Loaded Office apps: The core Microsoft Office suite, with all licenses, is installed on the Note 5. With the large high resolution display of Samsung Note 5, you will get spreadsheets as a practical experience and not simply a viewing novelty.
  1. Scroll capture: There are times when you need to share more than just what is shown on the viewable display, such as long lists and legal documents. The scroll capture functionality will let you do that and then share longer web pages, documents, and more.

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  1. 32 GB internal storage with 100 GB cloud storage availability: Note 5 comes with an internal storage of 32 GB, along with 100 GB storage space on One Drive. You will never run out of memory.
  1. Brilliant large display & Multi-windows using option: There are plenty of phones with large displays, but the Note 5 surely stands out. Samsung minimized the bezel margins that cut down the width while improving the display. So it’s the best available on any smartphone. A large screen that you can comfortably handle (thanks to the curved back which fits ergonomically) is a major benefit to getting things done on the go. It also gives you the amazing experience of using multi windows. This will bring the multi-tasker in you.
  1. Impeccable fingerprint scanner: Other new Galaxy phones have a fingerprint scanner, as does the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It’s quick to unlock the Note 5 and get up and running. Plus, it ensures the security of your device and its contents.
  1. Samsung Knox: Knox is a defense grade platform. It provides a secure mobile environment so you truly can use your device for work and play. KNOX even meets the standards of the most restricted environments – e.g. US Department of Defense, UK National Technical Authority for Information Assurance (CESG), among others.
  1. Samsung SideSync: SideSync lets you quickly and easily share the Note 5 display and data with your connected computer. Notifications from your connected Note 5 can even appear on your work computer, which helps improve communications efficiency.




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