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A Platform To Discover The Ultimate Creative, Competitive Young Professionals & Young Marketers

The field of marketing is ever changing and evolving. Not to mention, the fast paced world introduces new trends and way of lifestyle each day. Therefore, the horizon of the ways of marketing only gets updated and diversed in a continuous process. In today’s world, the Gen Z are the most complicated and emerging consumers.  Understanding the impulse, rationalities and preferences of this young people require young marketers to think and walk the same line.

Bangladesh Brand Forum, in line with the company’s motto “Inspiring the Nation” initiates The Young Lions Competition Bangladesh every year in search of ‘The Ultimate Creative, Competitive Young Professionals & Ultimate Young Marketers’. This year, the 7th ‘Young Lions Competition Bangladesh’ took place at The Daily Star Centre on January 27, 2023. The competition was hosted in three categories – Integrated, Digital and Marketers. And the ultimate winners in each category will represent Bangladesh at  the prestigious Spikes Asia 2023.

In this year’s edition, a total of 50 teams, comprising two members each, participated in Young Lions Competition Bangladesh. Among them, 15 teams participated in the Digital Category, 19 in the Integrated Category and 16 teams participated in the Marketers Category. All three competitions were held simultaneously, while the teams were given three distinct cases to develop campaigns within a seven hours duration.

Immediately after the allotted time, the teams were given the platform to explain their campaigns in a 5- minutes presentation before the jurors. The jury panel included industry experts, seasoned professionals and thought leaders.

After a thorough and rigorous evaluation, the jury panel announced the names of the three winning teams. The winning team for the Digital Competition this year was Magnito Digital. The members of the winning team were – Kazi Azfar Tarik and Sultanur Raahim. In the Marketers Competition, Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd. became winner, including Fahimul Khan and Tauhid Irteza Ali as the team members. In the Integrated Competition, the winning team was Adcomm Limited. The members of the team were – Bakshi Mahtab Jarin Anchal and Reza Us Salam Nur.

The winning teams will be participating in the upcoming Young Spikes Digital Competition, the Young Spikes Integrated Competition and the Young Spikes Marketers Competition at Spikes Asia 2023 on behalf of Bangladesh.

Digital Competition

Inclusive Bangladesh

Disability is a vital issue concerning human rights because a person with disability is often deprived of the benefits of national development. About 3.29% men and 2.34% women in the country have some form of disability and most among them are physically challenged. Nonetheless, almost 100% enroll in primary education at the national level, only 40.55% children with disabilities are able to go to school, Only 27.21% of the disabled are able to participate in any economic activity. Experts have urged to bring people with disabilities into the mainstream of the economy by increasing their access to education and turning them into manpower. Creating job inclusion for specially-abled people in Bangladesh through which we can attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are important issues that require a multifaceted approach. Creating job inclusion for especially abled people in Bangladesh through which we can attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are important issues that require a multifaceted approach. Therefore, the task was to create a digital first campaign to make Bangladesh more inclusive by ensuring jobs for the specially-abled population to contribute to the economy and attain our SDG goals.

An integrated common platform (APP), ‘iMable – Let’s Build Together’ designed by Team Magnito Digital topped the competition.

Marketers Competition

Reviving The Great Dhakai Muslin

Muslin represents Bangladesh’s golden past and aristocracy. Among the many forms of cotton textiles, Dhakai Muslin was well-known throughout the world. For over 200 years, muslin was only a memory until last year, when due to the keen interest of the Bangladesh government and the craftsmanship of our local artisans, it was revived, and the fabled cloth is now once again a reality.

Over 200 women are currently making muslin yarn in the villages of Sonapur and Rampur in Comilla’s Chandina and Debidwar upazilas as part of a project overseen by the Bangladesh Handloom Board (BHB). The project is titled “Bangladesh’s Golden Tradition Muslin Yarn-making Technology and Muslin Fabrics Recovery Project”.

With the government’s recent decision to commercialise the production of Dhakai Muslin by 2023, it’s high time to  brand our heritage in an industry that will seek out the most value while also branding our culture and heritage of the fabric into its identity; telling the story of our herculean task to resurrect a lost art from the dead.

So, the task was to devise an innovative solution that will utilise and incorporate the recent revival of Dhakai Muslin, its heritage, and story as both a commodity and a brand identity for our nation.

“Baangshi – Luxury Wooven by Air” campaign of  Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd.’s team won the competition.

Integrated Competition

Rightful Remittance

Remittances play a significant role in the economy of Bangladesh, with migrant workers sending back billions of dollars each year. In fact, Remittance is Bangladesh’s top source of foreign reserves. According to reports, Bangladesh is the seventh largest remittance-receiving country. However, only 51% of the remittances in Bangladesh come through formal and legal ways. And the rest, 49% of the remittances, comes through hundi.  For the country’s economy, it is essential to ensure that the remittance flow comes through the legal channel. The government has introduced different packages and incentives to promote legal remittance transactions as part of its initiatives. Despite that, the popularity of the hundi is getting more expanded, resulting in lower remittance flow.

Therefore, the task was to strategically design an integrated campaign to aware the recipients living in Bangladesh and expatriates about the legal channel transactions of remittance and promote the incentives and advantages of legal channel transactions to draw attention among the target group. And additionally, generate talkability among people to respond to the country’s welfare.

“Securing with Honor,” an integrated campaign designed by the team Adcomm Limited, won the integrated competition.

The prestigious Young Lions Competition Bangladesh 2023 was organised in association with Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and in collaboration with The Daily Star, Strategic Partner – Roaring Lions, Knowledge Partner- Marketing Society of Bangladesh.

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