Analyzen Co-founder Ridwan Hafiz at YouthFest Gala Round

Analyzen Co-founder Ridwan Hafiz at YouthFest Gala Round

Ridwan Hafiz is the co-founder of Analyzen, the first digital media agency of Bangladesh. It started as a web & mobile application development company. It is also the first Bangladeshi Digital Agency to go global (Analyzen Singapore). Ridwan Hafiz was one of the Lecture Series Speakers at Bangladesh YouthFest Gala Round.

IMG_6826In his session, Mr. Hafiz talked about how he founded Analyzen with his partner while he was studying in BUET and the evolution of Analyzen from being just a software development company to becoming a versatile one. He talked about the struggles that Analyzen went through during its formative years, and how by predicting the future of digital marketing, the company bloomed and became the pioneers of their respective field in Bangladesh. He talked about the flat management system that is followed in Analyzen and that none of the individuals at Analyzen have an official designation. They can choose to be whatever they want in their work space. He also explained the process of how to get into Analyzen. There is no job interview, the applicants must go through a series of quizzes and engage in friendly discussions with the team. The final round of the interview is that the applicants are required to do an odd task and the one who accomplishes it in the most creative and satisfactory way is chosen and given a place at the company.

“Analyzen does not have any employees, it’s a family.” Mr. Hafiz stressed. He talked about how the people at Analyzen enjoy their work and has created a family rather than an office workplace. He shared that even during public holidays; the Analyzen team goes over to the office to just have a good time. He ended his session with a quick Q&A session where he explained how everyone in Analyzen works, even while maintaining a flat management system. He also talked about the future of Analyzen and how they are striving towards becoming one of the forefront digital media agencies in the world, while still maintaining their main hub in Bangladesh.

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