Mayor Annisul Huq Shares His Inspiring Story at Bangladesh YouthFest Gala Round

Mayor Annisul Huq Shares His Inspiring Story at Bangladesh YouthFest Gala Round

Honorable Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation, Annisul Huq was one of the Lecture Series Speakers at Bangladesh YouthFest Gala Round. In his highly interactive session, he shared his inspiring story: how he grew up in a not-so-convenient environment and dealt with challenges.

Bangladesh YouthFest completed its first season in early May of this year with a two-day festival at North South University. Starting its journey in February 2016, Bangladesh YouthFest engaged students from seven divisions of the country with Career Talk, Innovation Showcasing, interactive Lecture Series, extensive Ideation Competition were held in each division.

The YouthFest is all about celebrating youth and making the best use of time, Mayor Annisul Huq agreed with the core values and intentions of the YouthFest whole-heartedly. With a humble tone, he talked about what is really important in life. We all chase after materialistic things and monetary aspirations while taking the really important things in life for granted. Money can’t buy us loyalty, motivation, love, manners. Then why do we race after such trivial things? Albeit it helps us with the momentary worldly comforts but it surely won’t help in the long-term. We don’t give enough value to what is really important, “Time”. Lost money can be regained, how much we need or we possess can be counted but we can’t say so about time unfortunately.

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We may live today and not exist tomorrow. So everyone should make the best use of their time and invest time in things that really matter, especially youths in their prime time of their lives. And YouthFest is exactly that. It upholds what the priorities in life should be and inspires the youth to achieve their goals by making the best use of their time. Mayor Annisul Huq being modest, claimed to be among the fossils of the previous generation and unfit to come to ‘YouthFest’ to talk about youth. But he had few pieces of advice to give. In his prime days, the world wasn’t blessed with the technologies we have today. They help life to be optimized, so that we could focus on what are really important. And with the Internet, we have guidelines for everything and mentors in almost subject we seek help in.

Written by Tamjid Hassan

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