Abrar A. Anwar:  Ask Yourself What Legacy You Wish to Leave Behind

Abrar A. Anwar: Ask Yourself What Legacy You Wish to Leave Behind

Abrar A. Anwar- the very name speaks for itself. CEO of Standard Chartered, Bangladesh and with 25 years of banking experience, Mr. Anwar is truly an inspiration to many youngsters of Bangladesh. He was one of the Lecture Series speakers at the recently held Bangladesh YouthFest Gala Round. Bangladesh YouthFest completed its first season in early May of this year with a two-day gala festival at North South University. Starting its journey in February 2016, Bangladesh YouthFest engaged students from seven divisions of the country with Career Talk, Innovation Showcasing, interactive Lecture Series, extensive Ideation Competition were held in each division.

He commenced his speech by telling the youth that the world is in their palms and only they have the opportunity to seize the moment and make it theirs. He stated that Bangladesh is a hugely potential country with GDP growing at a rate of approximately 6% and with 70% of the populace below the age of 35. He highlighted some of the aspects one needs to work on in order to be successful and come out victorious in life.

Firstly, you need to truly find your passion. Once you have that all figured out, try to create own opportunities and have an unsaturated need and hunger for learning. He notified the young audience of how fortunate they were to be growing up in the 21st century, having countless opportunities at their fingertips whereas even a decade ago, opportunities were limited and considerably difficult to access. Youngsters in Bangladesh now have access to the same opportunities as young people in the developed countries. But it is highly imperative that the young generation is aware of the amount of time spent on social networking sites and should instead utilize their time in learning something new that will help them in future.

Secondly, he highlighted the importance of developing a stakeholder network, nurturing that network and gaining their trust. The stakeholder network will consist of both internal and external members, he says. Your stakeholder network is highly important so be engaged with them at all times possible. Support your family and cherish beautiful moments of your life with them because they’ll always be by your side when no one else will. Eat well, do exercise regularly, sleep enough and follow a disciplined life.

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Lastly, he stressed, “Ask yourself what legacy you wish to leave behind, work towards the goal without paying heed to whether you are being recognized by others.” In order to fulfill those very goals, 3 critical skills are imperative- analytical skills, communication skills and most importantly leadership presence. This will ensure that you are on your path towards success, a path full of spikes. Obstacles need to be dealt with and they only make you come back stronger. But one should always remember that success is not final and in order to be sustainable in the long run, it is vital to be transparent and honest, he added. “Take up risks and challenges and continue to look for learning opportunities, because the sooner you realize that you are incomplete, the better you become as a person,” with which Mr. Anwar closed off his inspiring speech to the youth.

By Fabiha Naz Kabir

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