Yasir Azman: Relate Yourself to the Job & Express Why the Company Needs You | Bangladesh YouthFest

Yasir Azman: Relate Yourself to the Job & Express Why the Company Needs You | Bangladesh YouthFest

Mr. Yasir Azman is currently working as the Chief Marketing Officer at Grameenphone. With 18 years of successful commercial experience in various operational and leadership roles in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, Mr. Azman joined Grameenphone in June, 2015. Previously, Mr. Azman served as Telenor Group’s Head of Distribution & E-Business and worked for across all Telenor Operations. Mr. Azman was one of the Lecture Series speakers at the recently held Bangladesh YouthFest Gala Round. Following are the excerpts from his insightful session.

Mr. Azman commenced his session by stating that every single one of us in this world set off on an unknown journey everyday. Thus every single day is important to build up on strengths, cut down on weaknesses and be honest to yourself and others. One should put the best efforts in early days, have the curiosity to know things, he added. This will give them a better understanding of what lies ahead in life. You may not have a clear vision for your career, however, it’s important to follow your curiosity and uncover your less obvious interests. The reason it’s important is that those interests intertwine with your unique motivations that separate you from others. Pursuing them sets you on the path of unlocking who you really are and your creativity. Frequently, these will be things that do not appear logical and sometimes might even seem downright trivial. But as you try to being in more and more clarity, you’ll find how everything falls into place and you make progress. He then quotes a famous line by Steve Jobs “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

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He stressed on the importance to connect unique interests and motivations to find that passion for a work that fits the best. The reason for this is the unique fit of these interests to who you are. For others, what you choose to do may seem like a huge chore, but for you it won’t even feel like work if you can relate to your work. The better you get at expressing yourself through your work, the higher your earning potential will be in that capacity. To illustrate this better, he told the students, “While you are on an interview, try to relate yourself to the job and express why the company needs a distinctively capable and adept person as you.”

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Quoting the revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist Nelson Mandela ‘Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again’, he ended his fantastic session.

by Fabiha Naz Kabir

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