Ceramic Industry of Bangladesh

Only a decade ago, Bangladesh was mostly dependent on imported tiles. Due to the rising domestic demand, triggered by increased construction of houses and their renovation or remodeling, has led to the boom of local tiles industry over the period.  besides the local investors, some foreign investors have come into the scene, leading to further expansion of the market.

According to tiles manufacturers, domestic tiles market is expanding every year, which caters to almost 80% of local demand. If the sector is able to attract even more investment with infrastructural facilities, it will become an exporting target for the manufacturers in the region.

The population is always a power for any country if properly utilized. Bangladesh has reduced its population growth than before but still, it is increasing at a rate of 1% p.a. As a result, the market is on the up and it will stay this way for the next couple of decades according to specialists.

For this increasing population, we need more housing solutions. As a result, it can be predicted that Bangladesh will have more demand for ceramic tiles in the coming future as well.

With that, there is another point to take note of. People are experiencing a change in lifestyle because of the increasing buying capacity. People used to consider ceramic tiles as luxurious products in Bangladesh not long before. But over the period of time, tiles have become a necessary element for almost every house from urban to rural. Not just that people are using generic tiles only but the market is getting ready for specially designed products like Technical Porcelain, Sugar Effect Tiles, etc. and DBL Ceramics had the privilege to introduce these products in Bangladeshi market for the first time.


The Journey of DBL Ceramics Ltd.

DBL Ceramics Limited started its journey with an unparalleled commitment to bring elegant and premium quality ceramic tiles to cater to the needs of all sorts of buildings and diverse architectural needs. The State-of-the-art technology and machinery from world-renowned Italian brands help to ensure the promised quality. DBL Ceramics started its operations at the end of 2016. Known for its creativity and unique designs, the DBL Ceramics creations comprise both innovation and exclusivity. DBL Ceramics takes pride in its fully automated factory and production facilities ensuring that every process follows the highest level of precision. The range of tiles includes Polish, Porcelain, Wall Tiles, Technical Porcelain, Decor Tiles in a variety of designs and shades to suit every decor with HD printing. In continuing to redefine product innovation processes and creating a wide range of diversified designs, DBL Ceramics has introduced Sugar Effect Tiles and Technical Porcelain Tiles in Bangladesh.

DBL Ceramics Limited is a concern of the DBL Group. Incepted in 1991, DBL Group is a diversified business entity that has successfully completed 28 years of its operations and became a conglomerate of 24 concerns. The number of employees of the Group is more than 37,000 and had a turnover of USD 600 million in the year of 2018-19.

DBL is eyeing at more innovative products in the coming future. Since inception DBL’s prime target is innovation and quality. DBL believes, capturing a major percentage of market share in Bangladesh, DBL will go outside of Bangladesh with the products very soon in a much bigger way.


Market Positioning of DBL Ceramics

The ceramic tiles market is very competitive with a number of existing local and foreign players. Currently, there are 28 manufacturers in the country and new entrants are coming up every year. DBL always believes in innovation and likes to break shackles by creating a new trend. Since its inception, DBL Ceramics has positioned itself in such a way that it epitomizes- Innovation, Quality, and Design.

In our terms, DBL not only produces tiles but also make the long-cherished desire of dream home come true. Nature in the bedroom, the universe in the kid’s room, strong base on the gymnasium, all will come true with our versatile array of tiles. DBL Ceramics aspires to work as a lifestyle brand that believes in #BetterLiving.

Along with the conventional approaches of the building material industry which mostly focus on the Trade Marketing and other Below the Line (BTL) activities, DBL Ceramics is considering other communication platforms as well. In this digital era, we can proudly say that we are the pioneer in digital media in the ceramic industry of Bangladesh. We are very much active in the Digital media and Above the Line (ATL) communication so that people can find us at the tip of their fingers. In continuing to do so, we have recently introduced the versatile actress Jaya Ahsan as our Brand Ambassador. We are working on both pull and push strategy simultaneously which is a bold decision and eventually we believe it will pay off.


DBL Believes in Sustainability

DBL Ceramics believes in Sustainability. Sustainability is based on five pillars: People, Process, Product, Community, and Environment; thus, integrating a holistic approach towards Sustainability. For each pillar, there are a number of Sustainable Action Programs in place – both on large and small scales and short and long terms – through which the sustainability plans are translated into actions.

DBL Ceramics has continuously been working towards improving the quality of the products, and all the processes that go into making the finished product, and ensures to minimize the negative impact on the environment and the consumers. The R&D department is actively involved in creating new products and improving the existing products and processes. DBL is working constantly in saving water by recycling 100% water that goes into production with 2 water treatment plants. DBL also saves energy by using exhaust for drying and by not using Burner. Wastes and by-products are reused and recycled for the production process as well for a better sustainable future.


Country’s Best Display Center

DBL Ceramics Limited inaugurated an exclusive Display Center where the visitors can view a versatile array of ceramic tiles from DBL Ceramics which includes Polish, Porcelain, Wall Tiles, Décor Tiles, etc. DBL Ceramics has also partnered with renowned European brands Gigacer, Tres and Flaminia to establish a more vibrant and diversified product portfolio which includes large-slab Porcelain tiles, sanitary ware, and faucets.

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