Grameenphone: Empowering the Aspiration of Customers

Grameenphone: Empowering the Aspiration of Customers

The entire telecommunication industry has gone through extraordinary transformation in Bangladesh. From a few voice customers and basic network infrastructure in the late 90s to today’s data-savvy users and high speed 3G mobile internet, a brand has to evolve rapidly to keep pace. Grameenphone not only progressed but also pioneered the major foundations which define the telecom industry as it is today and what it aspires to be tomorrow. In Best Brand Award 2015, Grameenphone was recognized as the best Mobile Phone Network brand of the country.

Throughout this journey, the brand has always kept the promise to customers at utmost priority with a focus on consumer insights. Telecommunication can bridge the physical distance between you and your loved ones; and Grameenphone has facilitated the promise to keep customer constantly connected to each other with the strongest network infrastructure and widest nationwide coverage. Rapid technological transformation was in harmony with the evolution in social fiber, as we were stepping into an era of dynamism, freedom and self-expression. Grameenphone is empowering the aspiration of an individual to “go beyond” their physical and psychological boundaries with the 3G revolution. Grameenphone inspires individual to advance towards a better future, to grow, excel and move ahead in life with the help of telecommunication; and the sum of individual success is taking Bangladesh ahead to the digitized future: “Go Bangladesh, Go Beyond”.

The industry is dynamic and competitive to say the least: with ever-evolving customer demographics and behavioral changes. The leadership position was in constant threat with unhygienic price-war and service replication tendencies from the competition. Government enforced policies like 10 second pulse, Surcharge, MNP etc. are adding to the complexities. However, Grameenphone stood the test of time and remained consistent where others often struggled with short term thrills. The contemplative and long-term attitude has maintained the historically high brand equity and strong foundation for the brand.

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Uncertainty lurks around future; so does opportunities. Grameenphone gains optimism for future from the young and energetic population it represents, who value data and digital services as the most important platform to help them move ahead in global market. Digitization is the harvester of hope and Grameenphone endeavors towards more digital share in all aspects of life with communication applications, health, education, agricultural and mobile-finance services. This is a paradigm shift from traditional retail based distribution mechanism. Grameenphone is committed and passionate to take this challenge. “Go Beyond” is a promise from the brand to inspire the country forward and deliver everything in its power to make that happen.


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