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The Art of Going Viral

Anyone may easily share their thoughts with the world on social networking sites but the sad reality is that the majority of these contents are ignored. There are millions of perfectly produced posts that will go unnoticed since there are so many brands, influencers, and everyday individuals producing content. If you are wondering how to go viral on social media, this article may present some answers to you.

First, you need to have, of course, accounts on various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.). Creativity goes a long way if you want to create strong content that will hook the audience. An understanding of your target audience is key. It is not only about getting your post in front of people; you have to focus on the right people for your brand. Persistence and luck play important roles as well.

There are some steps that you can follow if you want to make your product or your brand go viral. You need to consider the identity of your brand before preparing your ingredients. What do you believe in? Who are you attempting to contact? Do you have a mascot (a clown), a catchphrase (“Just Do It”), or a jingle (“I’m Lovin’ It”) that your company is renowned for?

You may look for a unique hook. You will need to combine your creative ideas for this; an original and surprising aspect of your company or product would be helpful. This is not going to be a simple task. Choosing your preferred channel or media is an important step, too. What presentation style works best for presenting your original hook? Is it a meme, a blog entry, a video, or—gasp—an image? Whatever you decide, keep in mind that graphics are crucial for grabbing the attention of the audience. Your content needs to be brief and you need to keep it straight to the point as well. Making sure your concept is worth sharing is important. If a commercial resonates with them, people will share it. So, pick your moment carefully. Current trends or occurrences can help you gain traction for your content. You can use hashtags for that because that is exactly why hashtags are used.

The first stage to becoming viral is to comprehend the audience you are attempting to reach. Identify your target market if you have not done it already.
Each social media platform caters to a specific demographic and works on certain functions. For customer service, Facebook is essential. TikTok is renowned for being easy to find. Influencer alliances frequently occur on Instagram. And even then, it is merely the beginning. Each platform has a crucial function to play in the social media ecosystem. You need to discover which platforms your target audience uses the most and learn to make the best use of those platforms. You can create a digital trip map for them and your brand.
Consider what times of the day your audience is most active. The best average posting times on each platform were identified using Sprout analytics, and posting at these times can make your content stand out in congested feeds.

The behaviour of your target audience will ultimately determine when to post. Trying several things to see what works is essential.
Google’s participation in the #NationalCoffeeDay movement made it obvious that LinkedIn was where their target market was most active. Fans of entertainment gave the post about 45,000 likes and more than 560 shares, an excellent response rate for the platform.

Building an emotional connection with your followers is necessary to develop an engaged brand community, whether you do this by tugging at their heartstrings or making them laugh. Connect with the feelings you want your audience to have when they think of your brand. You may inspire others to take action, such as following you on social media, shopping at your stores, or having a beneficial impact on the world by creating an emotional connection with them.

Starbucks UK’s award-winning, highly regarded #WhatsYourName campaign tells an emotive tale that transgender and nonbinary people can relate to all too well. The film employs the well-known Starbucks custom of writing a customer’s name on a cup to represent acceptance and acknowledgment. A huge demographic was encouraged by the campaign to visit Starbucks.
If you invest your resources in producing high-quality content, this will boost your chances of going viral. But you also should not post too frequently or just for the purpose of blogging. That could exhaust your staff, overwhelm your audience, and lower engagement levels. In their most recent viral promotion, #UGGSeason, UGG shares two videos on their brand’s TikTok account daily, within the advised share range.

Authenticity is more than just a catchphrase; it is a crucial component of any post or campaign that goes viral. No quick fixes can enable you to increase your exposure over time. Your audience will be well-educated and will see right through you. Create content that is authentic, unique, and grounded in your brand’s personality instead.
User-generated content (UGC) is a priceless resource at your disposal. This should not be overlooked while producing content for your company. Unpaid or unsponsored social media posts regarding your company, its goods, or services are referred to as UGC. Asking your audience for the kind of content you want to share will help you find the greatest UGC. Make social media competitions and campaign hashtags to entice your audience to participate.

One of the best viral campaigns ever was the #IceBucketChallenge in 2014. The task was straightforward. Make a video of yourself being doused in cold water, vow to give money to the ALS Association, and challenge your friends to follow suit. Over 17 million people participated in the challenge overall, and more than $115 million was raised. The challenge accelerated ALS research faster than anyone could have anticipated. The ALS Association declared in 2022 that the challenge had directly contributed to funding a novel ALS therapy that will prolong patients’ lives.
You may easily increase your chances of becoming viral by producing material that is very relevant, practical, and instructional. Your material needs to be simple to read and shareable to enhance social media shares. You can consider interactive information, short movies, and infographics.

In the popular Tarantula film from National Geographic, they describe the interesting process that takes place as the spider sheds its exoskeleton. Many individuals may never be able to get near enough to witness this 7-hour moulting process firsthand. The accelerated video serves as a teaching tool and is utterly captivating. Just like this, you can share some information that is shareable and instructive to replicate its success.

The economy of creators is thriving. Influencers, brand promoters, and producers can boost the effectiveness of your viral marketing campaign and are now a crucial component of your entire marketing strategy. Influencers and artists may broaden the audience for your business, raise awareness, and strengthen your community. Taco Bell advanced its reintroduction of Mexican pizza by working with Dolly Parton and a select group of other innovators.

Leveraging an influencer platform to collaborate with the proper influencers/creators can help your brand soar on social media, regardless of whether you are launching a new product or seeking to increase your audience. Immerse yourself in online culture to take advantage of viral moments. But one important thing is you need to resist the urge to follow every fad or every trend. Discover the discussions that are being raised about your brand and sector via social listening. When a viral article or campaign and the conversations in your community coincide, you have something really good and significant going on for you. Do not wait to give the existing trends your own unique spin.

Going viral is more complicated than it first appears. Selling typical stories or content does not work well for social media marketing or can go viral. Not all of the stuff you produce will become popular. Unfortunately, a certain amount of luck is also required; whether it is a slow news day can be the difference between millions of views and a complete miss. Ensure the viral social media post will aid your brand in achieving its objectives. We can learn significant lessons from brands that have quickly become social media stars, even though going viral is not the end-all-be-all. Even while luck is beyond your control, you may still optimize your content to broaden your audience over the long haul.may still optimize your content to broaden your audience over the long haul.

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