How often have we come across situations where we canceled a long-awaited plan at the last minute? Not because we got caught up in work, but we felt so drained after the hectic schedule of a long day, we did not have the energy to go out. Work-Life balance has become an oxymoron for the working class in big cities, and the largest shareholder in this are the millennial. Feeling buried under the pressure of exceeding our expectations and achieving goals, we hardly manage to get time for important things.


The Guilt Cycle

Generation Z is rightly being called the “FOMO Generation”. While doing the best of our abilities, we constantly feel that we are missing out on the things we cannot make time for. A common trait, mostly seen among working parents who feel they have added the burden of the never-ending guilt. When we are at work you feel guilty for not being at home. When we are at home you feel guilty for not being at work. So basically we live in a 24-hour guilt cycle that never ends.


Own It Up

What is important that we understand it is not about doing it all, it is about doing the best you can with what you have. So, rather than constantly feeling guilty and stressed in pursuit of balance, it is better to turn our focus towards doing the very best we can do every day with the time we have. Here if our focus is to be consistent and quality-oriented, we will find ourselves making time for all those aspects of life, maybe in smaller sections.


Know What is Important

Research says, 2 out of 3 CEOs prioritize their professional success over health. Before we start doing that too, maybe we can start by asking ourselves “Do I have to do it all by myself?” Work delegation or outsourcing is a great way to make room for other things. There are a lot of small tasks like groceries, cleaning up, car servicing, etc. that can be outsourced to free up our day so we can have some more time for important things. There are several online assistance options available to ease our life now. Trying those out may require some alteration to our lifestyle, but it will be all worth it in the end when we will look back and see how many miles we have run, how many books we have read, how many old friends we got in touch with and how many times we could be there for someone while they were in need.

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